NewLeaf Symbiotics Offers New Class of Biologicals

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NewLeaf Symbiotics launched a new class of agricultural biologicals this year.

Terrasym™ nutrient-enhancing products are natural, beneficial biologicals called M-trophs. Terrasym 401 is a seed treatment for soybeans that maximizes the yield potential by enhancing plant nutrition and Terrasym 402 is a bio-complement applied to peanuts that provides season-long performance and significantly higher yields. Both products are marketed through a network of strong regional partners.

NewLeaf Symbiotics exhibited at the Southern Peanut Growers Conference this year where “Chuck interviewed Vice president for business development Mike McFatrich about this new technology.

SPGC18 Interview with Mike McFatrich, New Leaf Symbiotics

2018 Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album