Granular Announces Integration of As-Applied Data

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Granular, a leading agriculture software and analytics company, has announced another major extension to its analytics platform. Granular has added the ability to import and integrate as-applied files to help producers analyze and manage field level profitability. The news release, in full detail, can be found here. Granular’s latest round of enhancements focuses on the analysis of as-applied files and … Read More

NextSwath End-of-Row Turn Technology by Trimble

Taylor Truckeytechnology, Trimble

As producers across the country begin to put this year’s crops in the ground, Trimble has launched their NextSwath End-of-Row Turn Technology that will improve efficiencies throughout the growing season. When approaching the end of a crop row, NextSwath automatically executes a turn pattern that precisely aligns the implement to begin working while minimizing skips and overlaps. This will reduce … Read More

Mississippi State University Utilizes Drones

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Robert Moorehead, Director of Geosystems Research Institute and Northern Gulf Institutes at Mississippi State University, was at the 2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show to showcase the research being done on harnessing UAV technology on farm.. Moorehead had a chance to chat with Chuck Zimmerman about their use of UAVs and drones. Geosystems Research focuses on agriculture; they utilize UAV … Read More

USA Rice Federation at 2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show

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The USA Rice Federation is the commodity association that represents all industry aspects (growers, millers, merchants) of the rice industry; they have members in all 6 major rice producing states. While at the 2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show, Randy Jemison, Director of Louisiana Field Operations for USA Rice Federation, spoke with Chuck Zimmerman about their role in supporting rice … Read More

Monsanto Offers New Cotton Varieties for 2015 Season

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While at the 2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show, our own Chuck Zimmerman had a chance to chat with Monsanto’s Keylon Gholston, Cotton Product Manager with Monsanto, who provided insight into new cotton technologies and products that will be beneficial to growers. Keylon was excited to further explore the 2015 varieties that Monsanto released in December; “We really want to … Read More

Deere Smaller Self-Propelled Sprayer at #Classic15

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Doug Felter, with John Deere, was excited to chat about John Deere’s newer sprayer series, especially the newest model; the JD R4023. The R4023 was first released at National Farm Machinery Show. In the past two years, Deere’s entire sprayer line has been updated to the 4 series which offers expanded storage capacity along with a complete redesign on sprayer … Read More

Deere ExactEmerge Planter at #Classic15

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2015 Commodity Classic attendees were able to learn more about John Deere’s ExactEmerge planter technology that was unveiled last year in Louisville. ExactEmerge controls the seed as it moves through the seed trench allowing producers to plant accurately at speeds up to 10mph. 36 ExactEmerge planters were tested on over 75,000 acres in 2014. I spoke with Kelby Krueger to … Read More

Meet the New USFRA Faces of Farming

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At the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) convention on Wednesday, the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA®) announced the winners of its second class of the Faces of Farming and Ranching program. The new “Faces” are (pictured left to right) Thomas Titus of Illinois, Jay Hill of New Mexico, Erin Brenneman of Iowa, Carla Wardin of Michigan, and Darrell … Read More

2014 NAFB Convention is Underway

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The 71st annual convention of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting is officially underway here in Kansas City with the theme “From Our Roots, Our Future Grows.” Susan Littlefield of KZEN radio in Columbus, Nebraska is NAFB President-Elect and this year’s convention organizer. “We’ve got a variety of different speakers to hit everyone’s tastes,” said Susan, from new technology to … Read More