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Kelby 2015 Commodity Classic attendees were able to learn more about John Deere’s ExactEmerge planter technology that was unveiled last year in Louisville. ExactEmerge controls the seed as it moves through the seed trench allowing producers to plant accurately at speeds up to 10mph. 36 ExactEmerge planters were tested on over 75,000 acres in 2014. I spoke with Kelby Krueger to learn more about what customers are saying about ExactEmerge.

Customers who tested the planter systems were at first unsure of increasing speeds, but as the results stayed consistent, they slowly worked their way up to 10mph. Kelby explained, “They can read all they want, but they won’t believe it until they see it with their own eyes.” He encourages producers to go see a planter with ExactEmerge in action.

Kelby also mentioned a recent Purdue Univ. study that showed when producers using ExactEmerge sped up from 5mph to 10mph, there was no change in spacing, emergence, or yield. Attendees at Commodity Classic were full of questions and excitement for ExactEmerge tech, and we’ll keep you on top of any updates as they are released.

Deere is actively producing machines for this year that are currently being delivered for the 2015 growing season. Deere isn’t slowing down with the 1775 & 1795; they are furthering the ExactEmerge line-up to include their DB lineup (60-90 ft equipment) for 2016, are unveiling a new, adjustable row-cleaner that can work with higher speeds, and are putting ExactEmerge on their 1725 CSS integral.

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