AcreValue Helps Growers Manage Expansion Opportunities

Taylor TruckeyAudio, Granular, NAFB

AcreValue, often referred to as the Zillow for farmland, is a tool for farmers, landowners, and investors to understand the value and productive capacity of a piece of farmland. Tamar Tashjian, GM for AcreValue, updates us on what new with AcreValue, and what’s coming next. Granular, the parent company, started as a farm management company geared towards large farm operations. … Read More

Granular Announces Integration of As-Applied Data

Taylor TruckeyAgribusiness, Audio, Granular

Granular, a leading agriculture software and analytics company, has announced another major extension to its analytics platform. Granular has added the ability to import and integrate as-applied files to help producers analyze and manage field level profitability. The news release, in full detail, can be found here. Granular’s latest round of enhancements focuses on the analysis of as-applied files and … Read More