Mississippi State University Utilizes Drones

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mid-south-15-moorehead Robert Moorehead, Director of Geosystems Research Institute and Northern Gulf Institutes at Mississippi State University, was at the 2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show to showcase the research being done on harnessing UAV technology on farm.. Moorehead had a chance to chat with Chuck Zimmerman about their use of UAVs and drones.

Geosystems Research focuses on agriculture; they utilize UAV technology to determine plant development, particularly in early-plant corn. Using one of the drones that they had on display, they “can view down to 1/8″ resolution to determine growth problems” or animal impacts, especially from feral hogs.

The number of producers using UAV technologies has steadily grown over the last 2-3 years; it has increased the demand for research that shows cost benefit information in addition to ways to utilize UAV usage on farm.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Robert here: [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/farm-gin-show/mid-south-15-moorehead.mp3″ text=”Interview with Robert Moorehead, Mississippi State University”]

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