Granular Announces Integration of As-Applied Data

Taylor TruckeyAgribusiness, Audio, Granular

granular Granular, a leading agriculture software and analytics company, has announced another major extension to its analytics platform. Granular has added the ability to import and integrate as-applied files to help producers analyze and manage field level profitability. The news release, in full detail, can be found here.

Granular’s latest round of enhancements focuses on the analysis of as-applied files and field-level profitability. The ability to ingest, process and analyze as-applied files off farm equipment allows Granular to build a complete electronic production record on each field with full detail on all inputs, labor and machine costs for each completed task. As-applied file analysis also allows Granular to understand sub-field level variation in costs, yields and efficiencies.

“Granular serves professional, expansion-oriented producers,” said Sid Gorham, Granular’s co-founder and CEO. “These producers view this downturn as an opportunity to expand to farm more acres and Granular is helping them build their businesses on a solid foundation.”

Sid Gorham, CEO of Granular, spoke with Chuck Zimmerman about Granular’s recent announcement and the value of intuitive technology to their customers. Hear his outlook on how farmers will be able to utilize Granular’s tools to improve their profitability.

Chuck Zimmerman’s interview with Sid Gorham: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Sid Gorham, Granular”]