USA Rice Federation at 2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show

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mid-south-15-jemisonThe USA Rice Federation is the commodity association that represents all industry aspects (growers, millers, merchants) of the rice industry; they have members in all 6 major rice producing states. While at the 2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show, Randy Jemison, Director of Louisiana Field Operations for USA Rice Federation, spoke with Chuck Zimmerman about their role in supporting rice production.

When asked about current priorities for USA Rice Federation, Jemison said, “Our #1 priority is to make all of our industry aspects viable, and profitable. On our production side, it’s important to maintain markets and improve marketing via trade.”

When Trade Promotion Authority came up in conversation, Jemison stressed the importance of trade for rice growers in the USA: “Anything dealing with trade that will allow our government to make sure we are dealing on a level playing field is always part of our focus.”

Jemison mentioned price slide being a major concern due to rice overstock around the world. “Our growers are growing the best rice in the world but they’re fighting a tough battle right now with low prices so we’re doing our best to protect and expand our markets.”

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Randy here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Randy Jemison, USA Rice Federation”]

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