Precision Beginners and Experts Mark Your Calenders…

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PrecisionAg…for the 9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture. The Conference will be held July 20th – 23rd, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the Denver Tech Center, Denver, CO.

Five specialized conference “tracks,” which include more than 300 unique educational sessions will be offered for participants. The “A to Z” track is designed specifically for experts like crop consultants, advisers, agronomists, producers, and extension agents.


A Progression to Precision

Laura McNamara

Crop Tech TourThe Certified Crop Adviser that Successful Farming’s Crop Tech Tour tracked down at Lyle Mabus’s farm was also offering his expertise to farmer Jim Erdahl of Blue Earth, MN. In this video Jim Erdahl talks about how farmers’ ability to collect data has changed with technology over the years.

You can find more videos of both Bryan and Jim at Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour site where Bryan and Jim talk more about managing data and using sit specific variety maps.

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CCA Helps Farmer Get Online with Precision

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Crop Tech TourSuccessful Farming’s Crop Tech Tour tracks down a certified crop adviser in the field. Lyle Mabus wanted to learn more about how precision agriculture could be introduced on his farm. Bryan Arndorfer of Precision Management Services was there to offer Lyle the instruction he was looking for and helps Lyle maximize precision technology for farming applications like variable rate nitrogen.

You can find 3 more videos of Bryan’s work at Lyle’s farm at Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour site.

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Reducing Input Costs Through Precision in Mississippi

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Crop Tech TourCulger isn’t the only place you’ll find precision ag in Mississippi. Successful Farming’s Crop Tech Tour interviewed Hank Kelly about how he uses precision technology at his 8,000 acre farm in Holmes County, MS. Hank says though input costs might change with the use of precision farming techniques like remote imagery variable rate line, overall precision ag equipment and software keepinput costs under control and increase crop yields.

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Precision Technology Mean Less Equipment

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Crop Tech TourSuccessful Farming’s Crop Tech Tour promised to bring video straight from the field and the project has delivered. There are currently 27 videos posted online at Agriculture Online.

In a video from just outside Cruger, Mississippi, Mark Harris talks about managing a farm that has integrated precision technology. He says with precision ag software, his farm needs less heavy machinery.

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Tracking New Media Coverage of New Farming Technology

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Crop Tech TourRemember the post Chuck did about Successful Farming’s project to take a look at how farmers are using new technology in the field? Well, Successful Farming’s Crop Tech Tour has already made a number of stops at farms around the country and precision ag is a popular subject.

Agriculture Online Editor John Walter explains what the Crop Tech Tour is all about and how precision farming will fit in to the project:

“This made it possible to get out and provide farmers with more current and interactive information on crop production technology. You know we’ve always had farm shows, and field days and conferences. But, now we can really goet out on the land and report in real time what’s happening with how innovative technologies are doing out in the field, in season and even in real time. So we can do that with video and audio podcasts. And show how crop production how crop technologies are doing through the growing season, during the planting season through harvest. That’s what we’re doing with crop tech tour we’re going to be combining traditional reporting with internet-based multi-media communications to show farmers and others what’s happening with new production practices and precision agriculture in particular.”

You can follow the tour through the project’s interactive map. The map also shows where you can find local certified crop advisers.

Crop Tech Tour Interactive Map



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text.pngFarmers who use precision agriculture seem to possess a command over cutting edge technology. What other modern technology do farmers and growers take advantage of? Precision Ag conducted a poll to find out if farmers are hip with texting and wireless internet…

Q. Do you text message for personal or professional communication?

A. A lot of you do, which to some degree surprised me. More than half of you said that you use text messages to communicate. Maybe some of you would be willing to send comments to this blog to let me know why and how you use texting. It seems like a pretty inefficient and clunky way to keep in touch, but perhaps some of you can straighten me out.

Q. Do you use primarily wireless or hard-wired Internet?

A. I was much less surprised to see that just a bit more than half of respondents are using wireless Internet. The technology is so much better and simpler to use than it was just a year or two ago.


More Control with Swath Control Pro

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AMS OfficeSwath Control Pro is getting more popular with growers every season. Kirk Swihart says that’s because the technology reduces overlap and helps farmers improve their input costs. Kirk is the Technical Assistant Supervisor with John Deere. He reminds growers that all 4000 series sprayers are compatible with the Swath Control Pro. He says growers do need John Deere’s StarFire application or another third party receiver to use the technology. He adds that Swath Control Pro offers farmers an improved coverage map, and, coupled with John Deere’s AutoTrac, growers can use it to cover more acres in one day than ever before.

Here is the second part of an interview that Chuck did recently with Kirk: Listen to MP3 Kirk Swihart Interview (4 min. MP3)

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Making the Most of Manure Management

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Peter Kyveryga with Iowa Soybean Association's On-Farm NetworkPeter Kyveryga says it’s no secret that manure applications can be difficult to handle. It also should be no secret that the Iowa Soybean Association offers manure management resources to farmers through its On-Farm Network. Peter says the On-Farm Network encourages farmers to conduct their own manure management techniques through trials and field tests, but he adds that there is plenty of information and data available through the On-Farm Network. ISA’s manure management program looks at the performance of manure, considers the nutrient value of different manures and looks at manure variability. The On-Farm Network has also developed protocols for using precision farm equipment to record and locate areas of trials and field tests.

Chuck interviewed Peter about ISA’s Manure Management. You can listen to Chuck’s interview here:Listen to MP3 Peter Kyveryga Interview (6 min. MP3)

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AMS Expert at Your Service

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Mark Theuerkauf with John Deere AMS Product DevelopmentBottom line: John Deere wants consumers to truly master new products and technologies the company offers. That’s why John Deere’s Ag Managment Solutions has developed its Dealer-Consultant Strategy. The strategy is simple: have an AMS expert available to dealerships nationwide. In some cases its an expert or two. Mark Theuerkauf says the Dealer-Consultant strategy is a unique channel of expertise and is an invaluable too for dealers and customers of AMS products. He says such a support system is necessary for a technology that is still considered relatively new. Mark says there are currently 270 AMS consultants throughout the country.

Chuck interviewed Mark about AMS’s Dealer-Consultant Strategy. You can listen to Chuck’s interview here:Listen to MP3 Mark Theuerkauf Interview (5 min. MP3)

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