Happy New Year Survey Winner

Cindy ZimmermanCompany Announcement

The new year is starting off a little greener for the latest winner in our ZimmComm publication survey drawing.

The winner for December is Michelle Stahlhut, an Agwired reader and crop farmer from Indiana. Michelle actually filled out her survey in November and since we put all the entries back in the pot for the next month, she was the lucky pick today and will be receiving a check for $250 from us.

Here are a few interesting notes about our Precision.AgWired.com readers that we have learned so far from the survey:

Occupation –
30% Farmers – mostly corn and soybeans, also wheat, cotton and peanuts
15% each – Educators, Equipment and Services, Advertising/Marketing/Sales

30% follow Precision.AgWired.com on Twitter

Topics of most interest –
75% General Precision Ag
65% Farming
60% Equipment

The survey continues through January, so please fill it out before the end of the month, if you haven’t done so yet. All entries received so far will be entered to win in the last drawing for $250, which will be held on February 1.

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