SOYL Releases New Field Scouting App

Joanna Schroeder

UK-based SOYL has released a new field scouting app iSOYscout, designed to make recording, monitoring and review of in-field problems and variation easier for growers. The free Apple-placform app enables growers to log features and problems in their fields, while they are in the fields, with no need for a cellular or wifi connection. However, SOYL says a 50GBP in-app …

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Iteris Introduces ClearAg Insights Mobile App

Kelly Marshall

Iteris, Inc. is now offering crop scouting help at your fingertips with their new ClearAg Insights mobile app.  This tool provides users with site-specific diagnostics, determination of recommended actions, and post-even analysis.  The app can help in the decision-making process by identifying optimal windows for planting, irrigation, fertilization, pest and weed control and harvest based on economics, weather, soil and …

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SST Delivers Scouting Tools

Kelly Marshall

Crop scouting is changing– again.  Now SST Software is delivering a greater level of insight with their new SST Analytics platform.  With the new program agronomists and retailers can preform a regional analysis on the crops within their company. “SST Analytics is continuing to develop into a holistic business intelligence (BI) tool that allows retail management to transform regional data …

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ScoutPro on the Grow

Kelly Marshall

AgWired first introduced us to ScoutPro back in 2011 but the company has come a long way since then. ScoutPro co-founder Stuart McCulloh says the company started by three entrepreneurial Iowa State University students is now full service crop scouting program. At the recent Commodity Classic the company announced the apps are now a free download because, as McCulloh points …

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Mavrx Drone-Assisted Scouting to Take Flight

Cindy Zimmerman

Mavrx drone-assisted scouting is coming soon to a field near you. Mavrx ultra-high resolution (UHR) imagery for autonomous drone scouting capabilities will be available this year for select growers and agronomists to cover more acres in less time. Using aerial imagery to unlock the potential of UAVs, Mavrx is leveraging its nation-wide UHR aerial imaging network to quickly identify revenue …

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Strider Expands Into US With Decision Making Platform

Taylor Truckey

Strider, a well-respected, agriculture-focused tech start-up in Brazil, has recently expanded in the US market. Mainly in Texas as of now, Strider is bringing it’s mission of cutting input costs to the American farmer by helping farmers monitor pests, diseases, and weeds. This platform creates value by taking the information collected by scouts on the field to be evaluated by …

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iCropTrak and Mobile Farm Management

Chuck Zimmerman

Long time AgWired Precision supporter Aaron Hutchinson, iCropTrak, had a very busy time at the 2015 InfoAg Conference. Even so, I found a few minutes with him to talk about the products being offered by his company. One of those products is DIRT (Data Information Reporting Tool) which he says is a way of thinking about Excel and reporting on …

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Hagie Mfg Joins AirScout for Custom Applicator

Kelly Marshall

Hagie Mfg. is known for its innovative crop protection solutions, so it makes sense they’d be looking for a partnership in AirScout, a company that combines ground scouting with ariel photography.  Together the companies are please to provide customers state-of-the-art field prescription services with capability for timely applications management. Disease pressure can create crop demise and result in significant financial impact. …

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Real-Time Data Solutions Maximize Productivity

Kelly Marshall

Encirca services from DuPont Pioneer are helping growers manage risks as they plant their 2015 crops.  With corn and soybean reported plantings running ahead of average, growers are able to use Encira services to make adjustments accordingly, making better decisions about things like seed and nitrogen fertilizer. Also provided is Encirca View, which allows farmers a way to record, organize and …

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