Weather Extremes Threaten Nitrogen Loss

Kelly Marshall

It’s either too wet or too dry and any farmer can tell you there’s rarely a happy medium, which is why Verdesian Life Sciences is offering advise on getting the most out of your nitrogen investment despite weather conditions. Often the first challenge is wet weather that prevents growers from getting into the field for pre-plant, top dress or sidedress …

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Starter Fertilizer is Key

Kelly Marshall

Nice weather in many parts of the country has growers already in the fields.  That comes with many advantages, but early planting also comes with challenges too.  Planting into cool, sometimes wet soils can prevent phosphorus (P) from being readily available to the crop, says Todd Carpenter of Verdesian Life Sciences.  Phosphorus leads to early root growth and development, creating a more robust …

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Three Patents Granted to Eco Agro Resources

Kelly Marshall

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Eco Agro Resources three patents for N-YIELD®, N-BOUND® and the NEON™ family of nitrogen stabilizers. These three are the first of 15 patents currently undergoing the patent process that will protect hundreds of possible combinations of active ingredients like NBPT, DMPP, DCD, Nitrapyrin, and multiple solvent options. “These technologies offer new capabilities and …

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NutrientStar Provides Third-Party Review of Tools

Kelly Marshall

NutrientStar is an independent, science-based program that offers farmers reports and assessments of commercial nutrient management products and decision-making tools. The company launched a year ago at Commodity Classic and compares themselves to Carfax. Thus far nine tools have gone through their third-party review process, a process more and more farmers valuable. This new video features farmers from the Midwest explaining …

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Farmers Edge Goes Big at #Classic17

Kelly Marshall

Farmers Edge™, a global leader in decision agriculture, today launched the next generation of its award-winning farm management platform, FarmCommand™. Based on two years of feedback from its global network of growers, the new fully-integrated platform provides growers with easy access to crop, weather, equipment, soil, and other agronomic data all in one place. This announcement comes as Farmers Edge …

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GROWMARK Encourages Sustainability with N-WATCH

Kelly Marshall

Farmers know that every year is different, so GROWMARK is helping producers make the best choices for their fields both environmentally and economically through the N-WATCH program. “It’s a tool that allows us to better manage nitrogen, so we’re doing what’s best for the crop from an economic standpoint, but also from an environmental standpoint, so we’re not over applying,” …

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Ag Leader, New Leader Team Up on Dry Nutrient Application

Kelly Marshall

The New NL5000 G5 Crop Nutrient Applicator is the result of a collaboration between Ag Leader Technology, Inc. and New Leader. Together these companies are offering a machine that can perform 16 section swath width control while simultaneously adjusting the spinner assembly position, providing a highly responsive, reliable way to apply nutrients in the right amount and in the right …

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Actagro Introduces Innovative Approach to N Management

Kelly Marshall

For growers looking to management nitrogen applications in a natural, sustainable way, Actagro LLC has introduced it’s newest product, Proximus. Derived from Nutri-Guard Technology the product can be sued with liquid N fertilizer to deliver nutrients to the plant when they are needed most. “Proximus represents a new alternative solution for nitrogen management in production agriculture,” said Monty Bayer, President and …

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Concept Ag Introduces Tech for Foliar Application

Kelly Marshall

Concept Ag Soil & Plant Nutrition is introducing TransMaxx Technology, a process that allows for foliar applications of products like calcium and other specific nutrients previously considered ineffective when applied in this manner.  The TransMaxx Technology is a process that designs the micronutrients specifically for translocation throughout the xylem and phlegm of all crops. “TransMaxx is an innovative way to deliver …

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TFI Announces 2017 4R Advocates

Lizzy Schultz

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) has named the 2017 4R Advocate winners, recognizing five farmer and retailer partnerships who are leading the way in implementing 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices on the farm. This year’s advocates farm 13,200 acres of land using 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices. “4R Nutrient Stewardship is a top priority for the fertilizer industry, which is committed to enhancing …

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