FMC Fungicides Grow Forward Initiative Launched

Joanna Schroeder

FMC has launched a new fungicides website coined Grow Forward with FMC Fungicides, to showcase fungicides in key corn and soybean regions by plot. In an effort to demonstrate to growers fungicide product benefits, the new website offers plot-specific information and updates throughout the growing season. “We went from having very few fungicides to having a robust portfolio across many …

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Provost Opti Fungicide Improves Peanut Yields

Lizzy Schultz

Bayer Crop Science has introduced Provost Opti Fungicide to its 2016 product line, offering peanut farmers an option to increase protection against soilborne and leaf spot diseases. The broad-spectrum fungicide features a new formulation this year, offering the same proven disease protection and efficacy with enhanced tank mix flexibility. “Provost has ranked at or near the top of university trials …

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Tolero Increases Efficacy of Crop Protection Products

Kelly Marshall

New studies show that Tolero TM can play in important role in the performance of nematicides, fungicides and herbicides. Precision Laboratories recently announced that results showed the application of the irrigation injection surfactant at a rate of 32 ounces per acres in creased the efficacy of pesticides by an indicator of 20.3 percent in the reduction of root gall formation …

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GROWMARK Offers Pest Guidance After Mild Winter

Kelly Marshall

While many people enjoyed this year’s mild winters, farmers struggled to enjoy the balmy break from freezing temperatures.  Instead growers have been more concerned with the affect the temperature will have had on insect pressure.  AgWired spoke with Tim Laatsch of GROWMARK to learn more about what could be in store this growing season. First, Laatsch points out, there are …

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FRAC Creates New Group for Fracture Fungicide

Kelly Marshall

The Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) assigns classifications to fungicides based on FRAC Group codes.  When FMC released Fracture fungicide in 2015 the mode of action was so unique FRAC had no group in which to place it.  Now the broad spectrum, biological fungicide formulated with ProBLAD technology has been placed in a newly created category.  Groups are created based …

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FMC Offers New Fungicide Portfolio

Lizzy Schultz

FMC has recently added several exceptional fungicides to their portfolio of crop protection products, and Don Johnson, Technical Support Representative for the company, was on hand during the 2016 Mid South Farm & Gin Show to discuss these new innovations with growers. “Disease isn’t always a problem, certain weather conditions definitely can make your field more susceptible to them, and …

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Agri-Fos Fungicide Plus Receives EPA Registration

Taylor Truckey

Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide Plus has received EPA registration, Vivid Life Sciences announced yesterday. The active ingredient a highly concentrated phosphite fungicide. “Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide is the original systemic fungicide. It was developed by Agrichem and it was one of the first potassium phosphite products registered in the U.S.,” said Josh Krenz, CEO of Vivid Life Science. “The Agri-Fos brand has …

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Syngenta Offers New Fungicide Protection For Potatoes

Taylor Truckey

Don Drader, a local Syngenta agronomist in the PNW region spoke with Chuck Zimmermand to give us an update on two fungicide products that Syngenta is launching in the potato market this year; Elatus and Orondis Opti. Elatus – a new rhizoctonia product, Elatus is a pre-mixture of a new chemistry, Solatenol, and an older fungicide, Quadris, that applied in-furrow …

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Syngenta’s Trivapro Receives Federal Registration

Lizzy Schultz

Syngenta has just received federal registration for Trivapro, a new fungicide that will be available for corn, wheat, and soybean growers. The product contains three active ingredients, including Solatenol: a brand new, high potency succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor(SDHI) fungicide. Scott Cully, Research and Development Scientist for Syngenta, sat down with AgWired at the 2015 Farm Progress show to discuss the new …

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