Syngenta’s Trivapro Receives Federal Registration

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fps-15-syngenta-cullySyngenta has just received federal registration for Trivapro, a new fungicide that will be available for corn, wheat, and soybean growers. The product contains three active ingredients, including Solatenol: a brand new, high potency succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor(SDHI) fungicide.

Scott Cully, Research and Development Scientist for Syngenta, sat down with AgWired at the 2015 Farm Progress show to discuss the new product, which offers unprecedented disease control, as well as several crop enhancement benefits.

“Solatenol has a new SDHI- type chemistry, so it’s going have a broad reaching activity on many diseases that we see in corn and wheat,” Cully explained, “It’s paired up in Trivapro with two other products, Quadris and TILT, that we’ve been using together for several years in our Quilt Xcel fungicide.”

Fungicides like Trivapro are highly effective at controlling disease, but even when the threat of disease is lower, they still work to protect and enhance the plant: “Fungicides actually keep [the plant] alive many days past when it would normally die at the end of the year,” Cully said, “So, many times, we’ll see three to five, possibly even ten extra days of green on the farm, where that corn plant is continuing to produce food and produce grain and yield.”

Now that Trivapro has received federal registration through the EPA, the product has begun the process of obtaining state registration, and Midwest growers should expect to see the product on shelves by the next growing season.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Scott here:
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