Proagrica Launches Agility Crops for Analytics

Kelly Marshall

Growers know you can collect a lot of data, but the real question is can you do anything with it?  Proagrica, a company dedicated to providing decision support for the ag industry, believes they may have a solution to getting actual answers from all that information. The company feels food production is a prime beneficiary of their technology and software …

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Global Update on BASF Maglis

Cindy Zimmerman

BASF held the global launch of Maglis at the 2016 Commodity Classic and the global media got an update on the online agricultural platform during a press event last week in Germany. Dr. Matthias Nachtmann, head of BASF’s agIT project team, says they had a good initial launch of the Maglis Customer Navigator in North America. “We’re really excited by …

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Agrible Partners with The Equity to Offer New Tools

Kelly Marshall

Agrible, Inc. and The Equity (formerly Effingham Equity) are working together to offer the predictive analytics tools inside Agrible’s Morning Farm Report to The Equity’s GoSmart Analytics customers. GoSmart Analytics users can now access industry-leading data insights as well as help with on-farm decision making. By signing up for GoSmart Analytics, growers receive up-to-date weather forecasts, in-season yield forecasts, and …

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Team #Farming with @JohnDeere

Cindy Zimmerman

The recent InfoAg Conference in St. Louis was all about farmers and industry working together as a team to increase productivity and profitability and John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) is all about teamwork. “John Deere recognizes what our part is in precision ag and that we’re not the total solution,” said Deere Information Solutions business director Lane Arthur, who …

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Esri Talks GIS Technology at InfoAg

Lizzy Schultz

Another company that made a presence at the 2016 InfoAg Conference was Esri.  Esri is a software company that allows growers to integrate high-resolution imagery, field observations, and real-time data feeds to help growers manage their land more efficiently with GIS technology. Charlie Magruder, Agriculture Lead, Natural Resources for Esri, sat down with AgWired’s Kelly Marshall during this year’s conference to talk …

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John Deere’s Operations Center Keeps On Growing

Kelly Marshall

John Deere’s Operations Center is no small project, as Randy Kasparbauer the Software Product Manager for the company told AgWired at last week’s InfoAg Conference.  Users of this platform can upload their data and have access to not only John Deere’s many helpful apps, but a growing number of third party programs as well, without the need to duplicate information. “It’s really …

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Farmers Edge – Global, Integrated & Independent

Jamie Johansen

When it comes to precision data technology, farmers today have many choices. Farmers Edge was eager to share what sets them apart from the rest and how they strive to boost growers crop production without forgetting about the need for constant improvement in sustainability efforts. Farmers Edge VP of Marketing, Marina Barnes, said, “We strongly believe you have to have …

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The Future of Precision Technology

Lizzy Schultz

One of the keynote speakers at the 2016 InfoAg Conference was Jack Uldrich, the acclaimed global futurist, speaker, and best-selling author. He spoke to conference attendees about what the world may look like in just a few short years, and provided an in-depth exploration of how the “Internet of Things,” ‘Big Data,” social media, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, renewable …

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