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logo_agcompass_green-brown-blackThe technology for cloud computing or hosted software solutions has been around for years now but there is still some confusion about what it really is and who can benefit from it most.

Ken Wedig, who was retired from John Deere after 30 years, partnered with Everett Chambers in 2003 to create AgCompass, one of the pioneers in the technology which supports businesses by hosting their software on a remote server so they can access their data from multiple locations.

“A farmer may have a farm in Wisconsin, another one in Illinois, another one in Iowa, with people distributed throughout, and once they are on the server they can all access the same set of data and keep it updated and simultaneously maintained,” explains Wedig, who holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin and lives in Iowa. Basically, AgCompass can help if you have to share data, but require secure access to your windows-based software and value data independence.

AgCompass can host nearly any windows-based software and specializes in hosting accounting software such as FBS Systems, Red Wing and Quickbooks, as well as mill software from Vertical, trucking software such as ProMiles and more. “If its a multi-user product, doing that on a local desktop is very difficult, but when we put it on our server, if you’ve got 15 users all 15 can log in and use it,” Wedig said. Click here to learn more about how it works.

As self-described “technophiles with deep roots in agriculture,” Wedig says the AgCompass team is dedicated to personal service. “We’re a small company but what we do well is the support of applications and access to data from anywhere.” He encourages any company, ag or otherwise, to contact AgCompass for a free 30-day demo.

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