Growers and ADC to Launch National Ag Data Cooperative

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Data

Grower Information Services Cooperative (GiSC) and Agricultural Data Collation (ADC) have combined their technology platforms to create the AgXchange, an independent, secure and private data repository where producers control their data assets. The new platform sill utilize GiSC’s working data storage and visualization platform and ADC’s data storage and sharing pilot repository for increased functionality and value. From the platform growers will be able to share the data if they so choose.

“Growers not only need to be able to maximize the use of their data through capturing and sharing data, but they also need to be able to control the use of that data generated on their operations. When a grower gains complete control of his/her data, the grower will then be able to maintain complete control of his/her operation from the present to the future,” said Jason Ward, CEO of GiSC.

Growers interested in learning more about data collection should visit, and organizations interested in joining ADC’s efforts, should visit