Growers Excited About Swath Control Pro For Planters

Chuck Zimmerman

At this year’s National Farm Machinery Show farmers were asking lots of questions about the new Swath Control Pro for planters according to Kyle Collins, seen here with Tommy Johnson, a grower from Hopkinsville, KY. Kyle works in John Deere’s Ag Management Solutions division. He says that what growers are really interested in is how they can save on seed …

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More Tinkering with Precision Technology

Laura McNamara

“Don’t be afraid to tinker.” Scott Gabbard’s philosophy on precision farming seems to fall right in line with fellow precision pro Roger Hadley. Scott is an extension educator from Shelby County, Indiana. He too offered some precision ag pointers during a presentation at the Indianapolis Precision Agriculture Conference earlier this month. Scott says the benefits of precision technology amount to …

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Hoosier Tinkers with Precision

Laura McNamara

Gary Truitt calls him a “tinkerer with new technology.” That’s because Roger Hadley of Woodburn, IN has been using precision farming technology, such as GPS field mapping, for about ten years. Roger was a presenter at the Indianapolis Precision Agriculture Conference earlier this month. Hoosier Ag Network broadcaster Gary Truitt caught up with Roger at the conference and spoke with …

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John Deere Credit to Assist Precision Ag Purchases

Chuck Zimmerman

For farmers who need a little assistance when making equipment purchases John Deere Credit is there to help. I spoke with Scotty Shipp, pictured on the right, at the National Farm Machinery Show about what the company offers to assist producers. He says that John Deere Credit’s primary responsibility is to help dealers facilitate the sale of John Deere equipment. …

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Customers Expressing Satisfaction at Farm Machinery Show

Chuck Zimmerman

One of the new team members at John Deere Ag Management Solutions is Jeff Topel, seen here answering customer questions in their National Farm Machinery Show booth. This is Jeff’s first show where he’s not the farmer asking the questions and he says he’s really enjoying the interaction with people who are visiting. Jeff says they’re trying to improve efficiency …

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Going Beyond with Precision

Laura McNamara

Brent Maddon was the John Deere product development representative on hand at the American Soybean Association/John Deere Ag Management Solutions seminar in Arkansas last week. The event is one of three “Reach for the Stars” presentations being sponsored by John Deere. Maddon gave a presentation about how farmer’s can use precision technology and where the technology is headed for the …

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Harvesting Savings

Laura McNamara

Precision technology puts extra cash in your pocket according to a grower from the northeast Arkansas area. David Pigue uses precision farming in his cotton and grain harvesting operations and he says the innovative technology produces excellent results. He says applying the technology in different ways is sure to make farmers more money, whether they get “knee-deep or neck-deep” into …

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No Looking Back

Laura McNamara

Tennessee Grower Alan Meadows is willing to bet that no less than 90 percent of all farmers who try their hand at tools using precision technology wouldn’t ever dream of moving forward without it. In an interview, Meadows told reporter Stewart Doan that if farmers “try it… [they’ll] never go back.” Meadows was a presenter at the American Soybean Association/John …

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Toeing the Line with Precision Upgrades

Laura McNamara

Farmers are feeling out the benefits of GPS satellite technology with measured care. At least, that’s what “Reach For The Stars” seminar presenter Dr. Terry Griffin says. Griffin held an audience at last week’s American Soybean Association/John Deere Ag Management Solutions seminar in Arkansas. The University of Arkansas Ag extension economist says precision agriculture encompasses several different technologies and isn’t …

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Precision Ag Growth in the Mid South

Chuck Zimmerman

At this week’s American Soybean Association/John Deere Ag Management Solutions, “Reach For The Stars” seminar in Arkansas Ted Glaub, Glaub Farm Management and ASA board member, was a presenter. He says that a lot of his operators are using new sprayer technology to save significantly on input costs, especially on odd shaped fields. Ted says that using precision equipment does …

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