Visiting Iowa Power Farming Show

Chuck Zimmerman

I’m attending my first ever Iowa Power Farming Show courtesy of our sponsor Ag Leader Technology. The first person I met this morning was show manager, Tom Junge. The show is conducted by the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association. Tom says they represent about 400 dealers and have been doing the show for 55 years. They have a show in December …

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Topcon Talks at AG CONNECT Expo

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s another story by our Joanna Schroeder from the floor of AG CONNECT Expo. Topcon Precision Agriculture is a global company with a strong presence in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and is growing in Europe. One of their most popular products is the AGI-3 receiver. This system not only picks up GPS satellites, but also receives …

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Slingshot From Raven at AG CONNECT Expo

Chuck Zimmerman

Precision agriculture technology is on display all over the AG CONNECT Expo show floor. I don’t think I’ve seen quite so many exhibits outside of a show dedicated to this growing technology application. Raven Industries is one of the companies exhibiting something new here at the show. I spoke with Marketing Manager, Ryan Molitor,about Slingshot. He says Slingshot represents a …

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TeeJet Announces New Guidance Technologies At Ag Connect Expo

Chuck Zimmerman

TeeJet Technologies, announced their new guidance system that offers guidance and live video displayed simultaneously. The news about the Matrix Guidance System with RealView Guidance Over Video was announced during the AG CONNECT Expo in Orlando, Fla. and comes in two screen sizes: 570G Model and 840G model with options for four or eight cameras. We’ve got a number of …

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Using Crop Dusters for Aerial Imaging

Cindy Zimmerman

Clouds can often interfere with aerial imagery from satellites or high level aircraft, while wet conditions on the ground can make it difficult to use ground based sensors. Research being done in Australia combines ground type sensors with low flying aircraft to deal with those situations. For this edition of the Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we go …

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The Trimble Connected Farm

Chuck Zimmerman

At the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention Trimble had a booth in their Trade Talk session. I interviewed George Huber and asked him my standard opening question which was, “What’s new from Trimble?’ In his answer he talks about virtual reference stations and “the connected farm.” He says this allows you to get data to and from your …

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Precision Agriculture Evolving

Cindy Zimmerman

This edition of the Podcast features comments from the leaders of two precision technology companies that recently formed an alliance. Ag Leader Technology president Al Myers and AutoFarm CEO Herb Satterlee spoke to agricultural media in early December about the collaboration between the two companies and the recently released INTEGRA display and ParaDyme steering system. Subscribe to the …

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The Move To Automatic Steering

Kurt Lawton

As more mainstream mid-sized farmers move further into precision farming tools beyond the yield monitor or lightbar, they are fortunate to reap the benefits of those early-adopter farmers. These early users pushed companies to constantly improve their products. And the price tag on these systems has dropped dramatically, thanks to competition and better engineering. Such is the case with auto …

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