Two Syngenta Products Receive EPA Approval

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Syngenta recently announced two products that have received registration and approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Talinor herbicide will give wheat and barley growers a new option for managing weed resistance and controlling damaging broadleaf weeds, and Orondis Opti fungicide premix will be introduced and commercially available as a premix formulation for the 2017 growing season, pending state registration.

Talinor contains the company’s newest active ingredient in cereal herbicides, bicyclopyrone, combined with bromoxynil, and its two modes of action deliver excellent standalone control of resistant and other difficult-to-control broadleaf weeds, like kochia and Russian thistle.Read More

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BASF Beefing Up #Seed Solutions

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BASF’s new Research and Development facility in Limburgerhof, Germany that just opened this year has brought a new center of expertise into the growing world of biological crop protection and seed solutions. Nathan Froese with BASF ‎R&D Seed Solutions for the Americas was at the ASTA CSS & Seed Expo this week to highlight some of the work being done at the facility.

“We do application of products to the seed and testing to see what value they provide for growers,” said Froese. “We also do work on coatings that provide color and improved flow.”

Froese says the R&D done at the Germany facility feeds into other BASF research centers around the world, including U.S. facilities in North Carolina and Iowa. “All of these sites work together very closely and the new site really acts as an R&D hub for seed solutions,” he said, noting that this is speeding up the research process for the company. “The state of the art equipment really helps us move new compounds through quicker.”

Learn more about BASF biologicals and seed solutions R&D in this interview: Interview with Nathan Froese, BASF

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Coverage of ASTA CSS 2016 and Seed Expo brought to you by
Coverage of ASTA CSS 2016 and Seed Expo brought to you by the American Seed Trade Association and Coverage of ASTA CSS 2016 and Seed Expo brought to you by BASF Ag Products

Wife, Mother, Plant-Breeder at #ASTACSS

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Jessie, Kelsy, Brian and Kiera Alt

Earlier this week we got to see ASTA’s latest video project with plant breeder and mother, Jessie Alt.  Today I got to sit down with her to talk about her role connecting consumers with plant science.

As a research scientist for DuPont Pioneer, Jessie’s day job is to develop new soybean varieties for farmers, but off the clock she’s a wife and mother of two little girls.  ASTA’s goal was to create a video that shows consumers the face of a plant breeder– making the whole thing a little less scary and a lot more real.

The video is authentic, Alt told me.  It’s her kitchen table, her office at work, and her dead tomato plants.  The girls sitting on the counter and helping in the garden are authentic as well, as any mother can see.  You can also see the passion she has for her work, and for her efforts in sharing that work with the public.

Besides the video Alt is also involved in her community.  As time allows she takes a few minutes to share with her daughter’s preschool class and often speaks to local high school students.

“If anyone wants to be an agvocate- or advocate- for what they do everyday it does not have to be big,” Alt assures.  “It really can be just 10 or 15 minutes here and there, having a conversation.”

Listen to my full interview to hear more about the newest face of plant breeding: Interview with Jessie Alt, DuPont Pioneer

ASTA CSS 2016 Photo Album

Coverage of ASTA CSS and Seed Expo brought to you by
Coverage of ASTA CSS and Seed Expo brought to you by the American Seed Trade Association and Coverage of ASTA CSS and Seed Expo brought to you by BASF Ag Products
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John Deere Rolls Out 2017 Solutions

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John Deere is announcing several new solutions for 2017.

For producers looking for additional in-cab display, the Gen 4 Extended Monitor has the ability to monitor multiple machines, implements and precision ag functions and allows for easy movement of pages and display functions from one monitor to another.  It’s easy to install, easily customizable and offers more information during key times.  The monitor also eliminates the possibility of conflicting data from two different systems and requires minimal setup. No additional software and lower costs make the Gen 4 Extended Monitor an attractive option for growers.

John Deere is also introducing the new Rate Controller 2000 to integrate with many implements– John Deere and others.  The high-resolution product control can be used with pull-type sprayers, liquid and dry fertilizer systems, anhydrous applicators and some planters.  Like the monitor it can be utilized with numerous equipment platforms and costs less than multiple controllers.  It aids in field documentation, map-based prescription applications, and overlap control with the John Deere Section Control on up to five different products.

Other new products making their debut are the new tillage tools,  the John Deere 2230 Level-lift and 2230 Floating Hitch Field Cultivator.  Both models showcase “below the ground up” designs for faster, smarter tillage that offers effective handling, even in tough conditions and at speeds of up to 10 mph.  The redesigned frame comes with stubble-resistant radial tires, requires no maintenance points, and provides true six-inch split-the-middle shank spacing with TruPosition Standards.

For level or gently rolling ground, the John Deere 2230 Level-lift Field Cultivator comes with three-section or five-section configurations in 15 different sizes ranging from 23.5 feet to 60.5 feet in width. For level or hilly terrain, customers can select the 2230 Floating Hitch Field Cultivator, available in 14 different widths from 25.5 feet to 69.5 feet, that can cover up to 217 more acres in a 10-hour day than previous models.

Both the Level-lift and Floating Hitch Field Cultivators feature the ProFinish™ Leveling System with six rear harrow options that enable producers to achieve their desired level of field finish. Hydraulically adjustable flat-bar or round-bar rolling baskets are also available, allowing the operator to easily raise, lower or float the baskets as field conditions change.

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Clarinet Introduces New Pigment at #ASTACSS

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Clariant used the ASTA CSS 2016 & Seed Expo to unveil their new Agrocer White 006 Dispersion pigment. As a leader in specialty chemicals, Clariant has created this new color using titanium dioxide to enhance the coverage of seeds and to be compatible with seed treatment pesticide formulations. The new addition makes the seventh important colorants for seed coatings offered by the company.

“It adds opacity, it gives better hiding power, it can also make the colors look more vibrant, and you can get very nice shades,” said Clariant Market Segment Manager for Special Applications Mark Self during an interview at the expo this week. “What we’re also talking with different companies about is brand differentiation and marketing strategies … where they can make their colors look different.”

See the difference Agrocer White makes!

Clariant’s exhibit at the expo had samples showing in living color how the addition of the white pigment makes all the difference in coloring black seeds. “When the black seeds are colored with traditional colors, it’s very hard to see,” Self explained. “But you add just a very small amount of white, the coating pops out.”

It was first time exhibiting at the ASTA CSS event for Clariant which is a large global specialty chemicals corporation located in Switzerland and formed in 1995 as a spin-off from Sandoz. Clariant’s global technical manager for seed coloration Andreas Wacker says they have been a global leader in the seed colorant business for many years. “It’s a growing industry,” said Wacker. “Seed treatment is the area within agrichemicals which is growing the fastest.”

Learn more about Clariant in this interview: Interview with Mark Self and Andreas Wacker, Clariant

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Energy Diversity Takes the Win

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zp-nh1Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Should EPA increase biofuels use?”

Energy diversity takes the win this week. EPA set final levels for biofuels use in 2017 under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) that are in line with the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, calling for the maximum 15 million gallons of conventional ethanol for the first time and increasing volumes for biomass-based biodiesel.

Here are the poll results:

  • Yes – it’s the law – 60%
  • No – repeal RFS – 23%
  • Don’t know – 11%
  • Other – 6%

Our new ZimmPoll is live and asks the question, What’s on your Christmas list?

I find it hard to believe it is already time for Christmas. I guess times flies when you’re having fun! Have you made your list for Santa? My nearly three-year-old has and it’s a doozy. I fit into the category of #AgNerd and check daily to see if Apple’s Airpods have been released yet. Sadly, the day hasn’t come. Are you looking for some new warm gear to do chores in, some ag tech to help make life on the farm easier or are you one of those who just asks for cash or gifts cards? Let us know!


#ASTACSS Brings Ag Outlook

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The perennial highlight of the ASTA CSS & Seed Expo is Dan Basse with Ag Resource Company with his global ag outlook. No one can cram as much information into a one hour presentation as Dan Basse!

Despite the downturn in the farm economy domestically, Basse says it was better on a global scale. “If you’re sitting in Brazil, Russia, Argentina, or even Europe, it wasn’t such a bad year,” he said. Especially for farmers in Argentina, who got a tax break for Christmas last year from their new president Mauricio Macri that just kept on giving throughout 2016. “If you’re an Argentinian farmer, you woke up after Mr. Macri was elected and you got approximately $240 extra,” Basse said. “We believe that Argentina will become an export powerhouse of agriculture in the years to come.”

As far as the new president for the United States, Basse says there’s a lot of uncertainties when it comes to a Trump presidency at this point. “We haven’t even decided on an ag secretary as of yet,” he said. But, Basse does believe that President Trump will be very good for biofuels.

Listen to a ten minute summary of Basse’s major points in this interview: Interview with Dan Basse, Ag Resource Company

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Coverage of ASTA CSS and Seed Expo brought to you by
Coverage of ASTA CSS and Seed Expo brought to you by the American Seed Trade Association and Coverage of ASTA CSS and Seed Expo brought to you by BASF Ag Products
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EPA Approves DuPont Lumisena for Soy & Sunflowers

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The Environmental Protection Agency has approved registration for DuPont Lumisena fungicide seed treatment. Lumisena is the latest in the seed applied technology portfolio for the company, offering Phytophthora control in soybeans and downy mildew in sunflowers. It’s the most advanced control of Phytophthora in soybeans since mefenoxam and metalaxyl in 1979.

“The true benefit in using Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment is in how it works,” said Mick Messman, director, DuPont Seed Treatment Enterprise. “Oxathiapiprolin, the active ingredient, controls pathogens during multiple stages of their life cycle. The result is healthier plants that emerge quickly and develop strong root masses.”

Read More

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Dow AgroSciences Addresses Consumer Information Gap

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astacss-16-hassinger Tim Hassigner with Dow AgroSciences was at ASTA CSS & Seed Expo to talk with members of the seed industry about the gap in information between themselves and consumers.

“It’s definitely a time when there’s more questions and concerns related to food, but […] information sharing can make a difference,” he told the audience durning the morning session.

The consumer voice is on the rise.  Despite this summer’s passage of the Labeling Law, a growing number of people, especially women and moms, told the Center for Food Integrity that food production in the U.S. is on the wrong track.  Fortunately, Hassigner says, many of those opinions aren’t fixed.

Among the general public, roughly one third of consumers are for GMOs, one third are against, and one third are undecided.  When one such group was assembled for a debate on the topic, opinions at the end of the event were reported as approximatly 60 percent for, 30 percent against, and 9 percent undecided.

“What occurred here is we moved the middle,” Hassigner explains. “When information is shared it has a significant impact on the middle.”

In the effort to inform the public, Hassigner encourages members of the seed industry to find a partner in the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).  It was only with their help the Labeling Law was achieved.

Listen to Hassigner’s here to learn more: Tim Hassigner, Dow AgroSciences

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Coverage of ASTA CSS and Seed Expo brought to you by
Coverage of ASTA CSS and Seed Expo brought to you by the American Seed Trade Association and Coverage of ASTA CSS and Seed Expo brought to you by BASF Ag Products
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Flores Named Media Relations Manger for John Deere

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Beverly Flores has been selected to replace the recently retired Barry Nelson as media relations manager for John Deere Ag & Turf Division for Region 4.  Flores was previously the manager of external communication for John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG).

Flores has held several other positions within Deere, including manager, Public Affairs John Deere Financial and Iowa, where she represented John Deere’s issues in the Iowa Capitol; John Deere Financial on state issues; and co-chaired the John Deere Farm Bill team. During her 16 years at John Deere, Flores also has held various product marketing and territory manager positions within the John Deere Ag & Turf Division.

Flores earned a BS in Agriculture Business and Animal Science at Colorado State University.  She is also a graduate of the 2013-2014 Leadership Iowa class and completed the Women Unlimited LEAD program.

She begins her new role right away while maintaining her communications responsibilities for ISG.  New responsibilities include: product public relations, media relations activities, special events and sponsorships for John Deere Ag & Turf for the U.S. and Canada, as well as social media and publications in the Furrow, Homestead and Leader magazines.

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