Liberty Weed Control Guarantee Returns

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For the second year, Bayer is offering the Liberty® Weed Control Guarantee on the effective weed control of Liberty herbicide. Heading into the 2018 season, growers who use Liberty can look forward to clean fields, thanks to the herbicide’s effective weed control and the guarantee. To qualify, growers must talk to their retailer about local requirements and S.T.O.P. Weeds with … Read More

ARA Explores Lessons Learned From Dicamba

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Two respected weed scientists presented their views on the lessons learned from this year’s introduction of new dicamba formulations for control of resistant weeds at a pre-conference workshop for the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) this week. Dr. Ford Baldwin, Practical Weed Consultants, was extension weed scientist at the University of Arkansas for 28 years. Dr. Stanley Culpepper is a professor … Read More

Survey Shows LibertyLink System Rates Highest With Growers

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Results from an independent market research survey of growers in 21 states conducted by Kynetec have found that the LibertyLink® system by Bayer was the highest rated trait platform of the year. The study found that 97 percent of growers who planted LibertyLink this year rated it “good” to “excellent,” beating out both new and established platforms currently on the … Read More

Arkansas Urged to Consider Impact of Dicamba Ban

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Soybean leaf cupping seen from suspected dicamba drift (ZimmComm file photo) The Arkansas State Plant Board is considering recommendations for dicamba use in the 2018 growing season that Monsanto calls “unwarranted” and BASF considers to be a “rush to judgement.” On August 24, the state’s Dicamba Task Force voted to recommend a cutoff date of April 15 next year for … Read More

No Weed Left Behind with DiFlexx DUO

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Challenges with resistant weeds were still seen across the country this season. However, Bayer CropScience beleieves these resistant weeds have met their match with a new herbicide introduced before the 2017 season. We visited with Frank Rittemann, selective corn herbicides product manager at Bayer, last week at the Farm Progress Show to learn more about the key benefits of DiFlexx® … Read More

Fall Weed Control Ideas From FMC

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I’ll bet you want to talk about fall weed control right? Good. Because during the Ag Media Summit I spoke with Tom Becker, FMC, on this topic. One of the reasons this is important according to Tom is the need to protect new traits that you might be using in a crop like soybeans. There are some very problematic weeds … Read More