Ag Leader Welcomes Dealers To New Facility

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Arriving just ahead of a blizzard bearing down on Iowa yesterday, more than 200 key dealers got their first glimpse of the big, new Ag Leader Academy training facility in Ames. The group will get hands-on experience over the next several days, learning all about new products and the steering technology and services gained from the partnership with AutoFarm. There … Read More

Precision Farming Adoption And Payback

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Ag Leader Technology and AutoFarm joined forces today in Ames, Iowa at the official opening of the new Ag Leader Academy to talk about their combined tools of precision agriculture with the media. Amidst the talks by management, touting the excitement of this alliance and their complete precision farming product offering, was a presentation by Iowa State University agricultural engineer … Read More

Ag Leader Opens New Training Academy Facility

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The doors open next week on Ag Leader Technology’s new Ag Leader Academy, which will play host to its top 200 dealers who will use this great new training resource to learn about the new product line for 2010. “This is a big event for us, as we just launched an entire new suite of products, announced our new partnership … Read More

Hemisphere GPS Partners With Third Eye Maps

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Hemisphere GPS will now offer aerial imagery in partnership with Third Eye Maps to assist their spraying system technology. Through the collaboration of multiple technologies, Hemisphere GPS now offers imagery solutions to its agriculture and land management customers. Third Eye Maps uses infrared camera systems to generate aerial imagery and maps with a variety of useful information. For agriculture, this … Read More

Trimble Expands EZ-Office Software Capabilities

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If you’re looking to easily map and manage your field data, Trimble offers their new 2010 AgGPS EZ-Office software suite of products, designed and developed by FarmWorks, a division of Trimble. EZ-View, EZ-Office and EZ-Office Pro focus on data management in the office while EZ-Office Mobile software runs on the Trimble Nomad or Juno SB handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) … Read More

Outback Adds Boom & Planter Controls

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The new Outback AutoMate works with all Outback Guidance products to control sections of a boom or planter–while claiming a very quick ROI. The AutoMate allows you to manage up to 10 different sections of your boom and multiple planter sections. This automation results in drastic savings associated with application costs. The system recognizes both pre-defined applied zones and/or previous … Read More

Topcon Launches On-The-Go Crop Nutrition Sensor

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Topcon introduces their version of a crop sensing system called CropSpec, but instead of reading the crop from sensors mounted on a boom (like GreenSeeker and OptRX), it features top-of-cab mounted sensors that read larger areas on both the right and left sides from the tractor/sprayer. Working with Topcon’s core competency in optics and in cooperation with Yara International (the … Read More

Six New Products From Ag Leader Technology

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Last week, Ag Leader Technology made a big splash by announcing their new precision farming technology collaboration with AutoFarm. Along with that big news, they also launched six new products. Here’s a brief look. INTEGRA™ Display • Rugged, moisture-resistant design featuring a 12.1-inch full-color touchscreen with high-definition mapping. • Core functionality includes: built-in manual guidance, full-screen mapping, planter and application … Read More

Ag Leader Aligns With AutoFarm and Launches New Products

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Big news this week in the world of precision agriculture. Ag Leader Technology not only launched new products, it announced a new alliance with AutoFarm. This new collaboration brings together popular and successful precision farming products from Ag Leader with the latest embedded and integrated steering solutions from AutoFarm. Yesterday, I caught up with company founder and President Al Myers … Read More

Hi-Tech Wired Magazine Talks Precision Farming

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Always good to see high technology magazines talk about precision agriculture that’s happening down on the farm. My favorite hi-tech pub, Wired, just posted a nice story on their website: “Self-Steered Tractors and UAVs: Future Farming Is (Finally) Now.” A lot of the story was based on Idaho grower Robert Blair, who was named PrecisionAg’s 2009 Precision Farmer of the … Read More