Trimble Expands EZ-Office Software Capabilities

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If you’re looking to easily map and manage your field data, Trimble offers their new 2010 AgGPS EZ-Office software suite of products, designed and developed by FarmWorks, a division of Trimble.

EZ-View, EZ-Office and EZ-Office Pro focus on data management in the office while EZ-Office Mobile software runs on the Trimble Nomad or Juno SB handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) computers in the field.

“The new EZ-Office software products help take the stress out of the vital, but often tedious record keeping and data management tasks for crop growers,” said Erik Arvesen, vice president and general manager for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “These records are not just the foundation data for making precision farming practical and more productive—for some operators, they can be the legal records required by government agencies, landlords and farm management firms.”

Trimble EZ-View software is a free application that allows farmers to easily view and print basic reports from data collected by the Trimble EZ-Guide® 250, EZ-Guide 500 and FmX™ integrated display.

Trimble EZ-Office 2010 combines powerful mapping with ease-of-use and enhanced importing and exporting functionality.

Examples of crop and field management data that can be collected and stored by EZ-Office software include:

  • Guidance line data from Trimble displays
  • Precise areas tilled, planted or sprayed
  • Specific “as-applied” data showing how much seed, fertilizer, and crop protection chemical has been applied
  • Yield data can be imported from the FmX display as well as many other popular systems
  • Google Maps™ background images and support for other imagery

Trimble EZ-Office Pro 2010 includes all the features of EZ-Office plus additional tools for information analysis:

  • Flexible formula-based prescription map generation
  • Automated multi-year yield map averaging for discovering consistently high and low yielding areas of a field
  • Integration of financial data with precision farming operations for profit map analysis

Trimble EZ-Office Mobile 2010 enables farmers to map field operations data, such as field boundaries, farm drainage tile lines, field obstacles and weed infestations, while on foot, in a pickup truck or from an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).The field imagery tool allows crop scouts to utilize the built-in GPS receiver and digital camera on the Nomad or Juno SB handheld computers to capture geo-referenced photos of problems such as weeds and insects.

The EZ-Office 2010 software suite is now available through Trimble’s agriculture distribution channel. For more information, including the location of your nearest Trimble reseller, call 1-800-865-7438 or visit The EZ-Office software is designed and developed by Farm Works Software, a division of Trimble.