Swift Navigation, Carnegie Robotics Announce Duro

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, GPS, Robot, RTK

When Carnegie Robotics saw Swift Navigation‘s centimeter-accurate GPS technology, they knew the mashup with their rugged robotics components would lead to great things. Today the two companies are announcing the first of their joint projects, the Duro– a dual frequency RTK GNSS receiver ready to withstand what precision agriculture can throw at it. “In precision agriculture what customers demand is … Read More

Swift Navigation, Carnegie Robotics Form Partnership

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, GPS, Robot, RTK

Swift Navigation is a San Francisco-based startup building centimeter-accurate GPS technology for autonomous vehicles. Their RTK technology offers 100 times more accuracy than traditional GPS solutions and at a more affordable price point. Carnegie Robotics supplies rugged, reliable robotics systems, transitioning the latest innovations to real-world working situations for agriculture and other industries such as the military. Recently the two … Read More

Trimble Launches VerticalPoint RTK System

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, RTK, Trimble

The VerticalPoint RTK system is the first of its kind.  Recently launched by Trimble, the patent-pending system for grade control in agriculture offers a significantly enhanced vertical accuracy and stability of standard single-baseline RTK.  The new system has less downtime and fewer delays than previous systems and is currently available in the North America and Australia on the Trimble FmX … Read More

RTK ASSIST Provides 20 Minutes of Accuracy in Outage

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, RTK

NovAtel Inc. has introduced its new RTK ASSIST subscription-based service.  Satellite-delivered correction data can now seamlessly continue centimeter-level accuracy, even during communications disruptions that cause outages.  For up to 20 minutes users can maintain RTK level performance, reducing downtime. RTK is a well-established method of achieving cm-level accuracy with GNSS. However, if the RTK correction data link to the receiver is interrupted, … Read More

Swift Navigation Announces High-Precision GNSS Receiver

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, GPS, RTK

Swift Navigation is a San Francisco-based startup ready to make autonomous vehicles a reality with centimeter-accurate GPS technology.  The company has recently unveiled the Piksi™ Multi— a multi-band, multi-constellation high-precision GNSS receiver.  Like the original Piksi module, the new Piski Multi is revolutionizing the industry with prices much lower than competitors. Swift Navigation uses real-time kinematics (RTK) solutions, meaning locations are 100 times … Read More

Meet Randy Spronk – Precision.AgWired.com Profile

Jamie JohansenAudio, FMC, NAFB, Profiles, RTK

It is time for another spotlight in our series of post about farmers utilizing precision agriculture on their farm. Today’s Precision.AgWired.com Profile is on Randy Spronk, a Minnesota pork producer and crop farmer. I met up with him while attending the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk in Kansas City last week. Randy shared his passion for agriculture and … Read More

New RTK Base Station for Agriculture

Melissa SandfortCompany Announcement, Leica Geosystems, RTK

Leica Geosystems announced the latest release of the RTK base station for the farming industry, Leica GeoAce. With the accelerating rate of technology adoption within the Agriculture sector and the markets need for high precision positioning, the Leica GeoAce delivers robust hardware coupled with an advanced feature set. Feature and function capabilities for the Leica GeoAce include multiple positioning modes, … Read More

Raven Releases 50+ New Steering Kits in a Year

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, Guidance, Raven, RTK, Video

Raven Industries has released over 50 new steering kits in the last 12 months with the latest evolution of the company’s SmarTrax platform, something we learned quite a bit about at the recent Raven Innovation Summit. Tim Heins, product manager for steering and guidance, says they have coverage for over 300 different models of machines. “One of the challenges when … Read More

Slingshot Adoption is Growing

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, Raven, RTK

Slingshot® was officially introduced by Raven at AG CONNECT Expo in January 2010. Just two and a half years later, this innovative use of wireless connectivity over cell phone networks is helping farmers all over the world get cost effective secure access to critical operating data. “It allows data to move from the tractor to the farm or to the … Read More

Leica Introduces GeoAce, New RTK Base Station

Melissa SandfortCompany Announcement, GPS, Leica Geosystems, RTK

Leica Geosystems announces the new Leica GeoAce RTK base station. The product provides access to Leica Geosystems patented Virtual Wrench™, the Agriculture industry’s first web based remote service, support and diagnostics tool. With the market’s demand for telematics and remote connectivity the Leica GeoAce was developed to support these requirements. The Leica GeoAce’s compatibility with a large range of RTK … Read More