Swift Navigation, Carnegie Robotics Announce Duro

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, GPS, Robot, RTK

When Carnegie Robotics saw Swift Navigation‘s centimeter-accurate GPS technology, they knew the mashup with their rugged robotics components would lead to great things. Today the two companies are announcing the first of their joint projects, the Duro– a dual frequency RTK GNSS receiver ready to withstand what precision agriculture can throw at it. “In precision agriculture what customers demand is … Read More

Agriculture Robotics Expected to be Worth 8.8 Billion

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Robot

A report from Grand Veiw Research Inc. suggests that the agriculture industry robotics market will reach 8.82 billion USD by 2025.  The study looked at the use of UAVs, antonymous tractors, automatic milking systems, and management materials.  Milking robots dominated the robotics sector in 2014 and are expected to maintain the lead in the foreseeable future.  Antonymous tractors are expected … Read More

Swift Navigation, Carnegie Robotics Form Partnership

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, GPS, Robot, RTK

Swift Navigation is a San Francisco-based startup building centimeter-accurate GPS technology for autonomous vehicles. Their RTK technology offers 100 times more accuracy than traditional GPS solutions and at a more affordable price point. Carnegie Robotics supplies rugged, reliable robotics systems, transitioning the latest innovations to real-world working situations for agriculture and other industries such as the military. Recently the two … Read More

Robotics Aid in the Study of Corn

Kelly MarshallCorn, Research, Robot

Two years ago the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a $20 million grant to the University of Missouri to study corn root growth during drought. Thanks to that funding, engineers at Mizzou led by associate professor Gui DeSouze have created a robotic system to aid in the study of crops and plant composition. “I’ve been working with CAFNR (College of … Read More

Arizona Installs Revolutionary Robotics System

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, computers, Data, Robot, University

The University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center has installed a revolutionary new agricultural robotics system has been installed on 1.5 acres of cultivated land as part of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Transportation Energy Resources from Renewable Agriculture (TERRA) program. The ARPA-E TERRA program works to facilitate the improvement of advanced biofuel crops, specifically energy sorghum. The scanalyzer that … Read More

Cambridge Consultants Develops Breakthrough Robot

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Fruit, Robot, Vegetables

The product design and development firm, Cambridge Consultants, has created a breakthrough in the food chain.  The team there has created a robot designed to handle complex tasks like sorting fruits and vegetables or removing specific weeds from a field. “Traditional robots struggle when it comes to adapting to deal with uncertainty,” said Chris Roberts, head of industrial robotics at … Read More