Slingshot Adoption is Growing

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, Raven, RTK

Slingshot® was officially introduced by Raven at AG CONNECT Expo in January 2010. Just two and a half years later, this innovative use of wireless connectivity over cell phone networks is helping farmers all over the world get cost effective secure access to critical operating data.

“It allows data to move from the tractor to the farm or to the office much more effectively and easily,” Slingshot Sales Specialist Colin Pollock. “A fringe benefit of that is the ability to deliver RTK corrections over it as well, to improve the positional accuracy in the field.”

Colin says adoption of Slingshot continues to grow among both growers and retailers. “Slingshot is really gaining traction this year,” he says, noting that 35 companies have signed on now to develop software for the product. For example, a company can develop a prescription file for a chemical application that can be transmitted immediately to a field computer.

Colin also notes that Slingshot is brand agnostic and is compatible with RTK corrections on competitive products.

Listen to my interview with Colin here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Colin Pollock, Slingshot Sales Specialist”]

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