Hexagon Acquires Producer of Precision Ag Solutions

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Leica Geosystems, technology

Lecia Geosystems’ parent company Hexagon AB, a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualization technologies, has signed an agreement to acquire Arvus, a manufacturer of precision agriculture solutions for closer, more site-specific management of the factors affecting crop production. This means different parts of a field can be managed separately, where the application of essential nutrients and various other … Read More

Leica Releases SteerDirect ES

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Company Announcement, Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems released Leica SteerDirect ES, the latest retro-fit electric steering system. Customers can install the assisted steering solution effortlessly into all major brands and models. SteerDirect ES reduces input costs and operator fatigue. The electro-mechanical drive unit is quiet and latches on and off for easy transfer between vehicles. Adding Leica SteerDirect ES doesn’t involve integration into the hydraulic … Read More

Leica Geosystems Launches Virtual Vista

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems launched Virtual Vista, a web based platform which allows farmers to monitor their fleet and field activities in a simple and effective way. Virtual Vista connects directly through the built-in modem of the Leica mojo3D and customers can access the service within a few steps. No extra software has to be installed nor has additional hardware to be … Read More

Introducing Virtual Vista for Farmers

Melissa SandfortAgribusiness, Data Collection, Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems has introduced Virtual Vista, a new web-based platform that delivers a flexible data management solution to farmers. Virtual Vista offers a simple solution which connects directly to the Leica mojo3D. Through the built-in modem of the Leica mojo3D farmers can access the service within a few steps; no additional hardware has to be purchased. Initially Virtual Vista provides … Read More

Leica Adds Experts to Precision Ag Team

Melissa SandfortAgribusiness, Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems has recently appointed multiple industry experts to further strengthen the growing precision agriculture business. These appointments reflect Leica Geosystems’ objective of being the leading provider of positioning and technology solutions to the agricultural sector. Johan Arnberg was appointed as the new President of Machine Control Division, which includes the responsibility for Leica Geosystems Agriculture. Robert Johnson, former Global … Read More

New RTK Base Station for Agriculture

Melissa SandfortCompany Announcement, Leica Geosystems, RTK

Leica Geosystems announced the latest release of the RTK base station for the farming industry, Leica GeoAce. With the accelerating rate of technology adoption within the Agriculture sector and the markets need for high precision positioning, the Leica GeoAce delivers robust hardware coupled with an advanced feature set. Feature and function capabilities for the Leica GeoAce include multiple positioning modes, … Read More

Leica Introduces GeoAce, New RTK Base Station

Melissa SandfortCompany Announcement, GPS, Leica Geosystems, RTK

Leica Geosystems announces the new Leica GeoAce RTK base station. The product provides access to Leica Geosystems patented Virtual Wrench™, the Agriculture industry’s first web based remote service, support and diagnostics tool. With the market’s demand for telematics and remote connectivity the Leica GeoAce was developed to support these requirements. The Leica GeoAce’s compatibility with a large range of RTK … Read More

New Features for Leica mojoMINI and Leica mojo3D Now Available

Melissa SandfortCompany Announcement, Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems released additional features for its guidance systems Leica mojoMINI and Leica mojo3D to further enhance product usability and compatibility. The touch screen of the Leica mojoMINI has undertaken several modifications. It offers now two lightbar modes: the traditional cross track only lightbar and the Leica smart lightbar. Furthermore farmers are able to choose the use of WAAS and … Read More

Now Available: Leica mojoXact and product features for the mojo3D and SteerDirect

Melissa SandfortGuidance, Leica Geosystems, RTK

Leica Geosystems released the Leica mojoXact, the new high accuracy upgrade option for the Leica mojo3D guidance display, as well as further features for the Leica mojo3D and Leica SteerDirect. The new features include an improved look and feel, better product usability, more accuracy options and an increased coverage of Leica SteerDirect vehicle support. Leica mojoXact The latest RTK upgrade … Read More

Leica mojoXact Introduced

Melissa SandfortLeica Geosystems, RTK

Leica Geosystems announces a new high accuracy upgrade option for the Leica mojo3D guidance display, the Leica mojoXact. The new product provides RTK positioning with the Leica Geosystems patented terrain compensation and various options for a wide range of steer kits to provide greater accuracy. With the Leica mojoXact, Leica Geosystems introduces another user friendly product for a variety of … Read More