Canadian Precision Farming Entrepreneurs

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Farmers Edge Precision Consulting based in Winnipeg, Manitoba has become a fast-growing business helping farmers cut fertilizer costs and increase profits. The two agronomy experts who started the company just received an entrepreneur award, according to a report in The Gov Monitor. Farmers were so impressed with an innovative crop fertilization service developed by Curtis MacKinnon and Wade Barnes that … Read More

Harvest Data That Keeps On Giving

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Whether you’re a novice at collecting harvest data or an old pro who could wallpaper his office with yield maps and more—you understand that more data layers beyond yield are necessary to add management decision value. I talked to Bruce West this week, who helps growers adopt just about every precision farming solution imaginable through his independent company West Enterprises … Read More

Collaboration Delivers Satellite Images To Canadian Farmers

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German-based RapidEye, who uses a constellation of five satellites to photograph earth for numerous industries, partnered with Canadian companies GeoFarm and Agri-Trend to supply growing season images to farmers across Canada. In a collaborative effort, GeoFarm, Agri-Trend, and RapidEye began working together at the beginning of 2009 to offer enhanced satellite imagery solutions to Canadian clients by offering “near real-time” … Read More

Precision Ag Retailer Blogs To Customers And Fans

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Does your precision technology provider deliver good information to you in methods beyond direct contact or a Website? A good lesson regarding customer service and expanded ways to connect with customers comes from precision agriculture solutions provider HTS Precision Ag, based in Harlan, Iowa. For example, check out their blog called “Precision Ag Explained,” where Adam Gittins posts weekly insights … Read More