MTS Sensors Advance Precision Farming Technology

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A leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors has announced multiple enabling technologies for the precision agriculture industry, including position feedback sensors to enhance the performance of GPS-guided systems. MTS Systems Corporation Temposonics® in-cylinder magnetostrictive sensors are designed for use in several applications, including position feedback and control for steering applications and position control of various farm … Read More Profile – Jerome Tschetter

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Jerome Tshetter was one of the panelists during the Raven Innovation Summit Producer Panel. The event held earlier this week brought dealers, growers and agriculture media from across the globe together to hear all about the new products Raven Industries has on the market. Jerome Tschetter is a corn and soybean grower from Bridgewater, South Dakota and not only shared … Read More

Fourth New GPS Satellite in Orbit

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The fourth new GPS IIF satellite was deployed earlier this month, providing even greater navigational accuracy for all users, including farmers using the latest precision technology. The U.S. Air Force GPS satellite built by Boeing was successfully launched May 15, carried aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V Launch Vehicle from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. According to the … Read More

Ag Committee Chairs With Farm Broadcasters

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An optimistic Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman met with farm broadcasters on Wednesday morning, the day after her committee passed a new farm bill called the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2013. “This is the biggest jobs bill we will pass in any Congress,” said Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). “It’s time to get it done.” Stabenow says the majority … Read More

Optimizer 2.0’s New Solver Function

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An agronomy firm whose smartphone application uses GPS soil testing data and National Weather Service rainfall data to estimate corn yield and determine the most limiting factor will launch a new function on the app. The new “Solver” function from Advanced Ag Solutions LLC can provide growers and crop advisers the ability to download daily recommendations that can be used … Read More

GPS Innovation Alliance Launches To Support GPS

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Citing the ever increasing importance of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to the global economy and infrastructure, a group of GPS advocates announced the formation of the GPS Innovation Alliance, an organization dedicated to furthering GPS innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the GPS Innovation Alliance welcomes affiliates who share in the goal of protecting, promoting and further … Read More

Hemisphere GPS Sells Non-Ag Operations

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Hemisphere GPS Inc. signed and closed a definitive agreement to sell the business assets associated with its non-agricultural operations to the Canadian subsidiary of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (“UniStrong”) for cash of $14.96M. PI Financial Inc. acted as advisor on the transaction for Hemisphere GPS. The Company also announced that it plans to change its corporate name … Read More

New GPS Satellite Modernizes Network

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The U.S. Air Force has launched a United Launch Alliance Delta IV-Medium rocket carrying the third Global Positioning System IIF satellite which will provide more accurate navigation for military and civilians, including farmers who rely on the satellites for precision agriculture applications. “Thousands of farmers across the globe depend on GPS to guide their equipment and provide better accuracy during … Read More Podcast: Changing hybrids on the fly

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When a farmer purchases a bag of seed corn – Jason Webster, director of Beck’s Hybrids Central Illinois Practical Farm Research says they should already be thinking about where they are going to plant that corn.   As technology continues to evolve – it may become easier to change hybrids within a field. In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll … Read More

Leica Introduces GeoAce, New RTK Base Station

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Leica Geosystems announces the new Leica GeoAce RTK base station. The product provides access to Leica Geosystems patented Virtual Wrench™, the Agriculture industry’s first web based remote service, support and diagnostics tool. With the market’s demand for telematics and remote connectivity the Leica GeoAce was developed to support these requirements. The Leica GeoAce’s compatibility with a large range of RTK … Read More