MTS Sensors Advance Precision Farming Technology

Cindy ZimmermanGPS

mtsA leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors has announced multiple enabling technologies for the precision agriculture industry, including position feedback sensors to enhance the performance of GPS-guided systems.

MTS Systems Corporation Temposonics® in-cylinder magnetostrictive sensors are designed for use in several applications, including position feedback and control for steering applications and position control of various farm implements. “MTS Temposonics sensors are being incorporated into global position sensing (GPS) and joystick-controlled steer-by-wire agricultural equipment to enable the operator to have better awareness and control of the equipment,” said Bill Bachrach, General Manager of MTS Sensors.

MTS sensors feature a durable in-cylinder design that is resistant to dust, water and other environmental factors, and provide repeatable measurement feedback that is accurate to within a few microns. The sensor design meets the performance requirements of rugged terrain conditions, resulting in fewer in-field failures, highly precise position and motion feedback, and simplified operations that enhance safety.

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