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ris-13-103_edited-1Jerome Tshetter was one of the panelists during the Raven Innovation Summit Producer Panel. The event held earlier this week brought dealers, growers and agriculture media from across the globe together to hear all about the new products Raven Industries has on the market.

Jerome Tschetter is a corn and soybean grower from Bridgewater, South Dakota and not only shared his insight into precision agriculture to me in an interview, but also contributed his years of farming expertise to the insightful producer panel.

A yield mapping system with GPS was the first form of precision agriculture he adopted on his operation. It is also one of the things he says has had the biggest impact in terms of profitability on his farm.

“The ability to yield map which tracks, not only the varieties but also your population levels shows you what is going on with soil types and other management practices that come into play. That has probably been the most beneficial from a data prospective. We have adopted the auto steering guidance system in the last four years. That aspect has just been remarkable in what it’s done for our efficiency and fatigue issues along with the ability to present a really nice looking operation.”

Jerome went on to explain that sometimes it’s the little things related to technology that can be a struggle. The beeping or flashing lights that are there to remind you of something can get a little annoying, but the benefits of higher yields, less seed loss and efficiency certainly out way the cons. He also shared what he sees as being the future of precision agriculture.

Listen to my interview with Jerome here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jerome Tschetter”]

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