New Boundary Pushes Grower Connections

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jd-develop-16-pearsonDevelop with Deere has been hosting all kinds of software developer companies this week, including an organization that has pioneered the Internet of Things.  Kim Pearson is CEO of New Boundary Technologies, a company that has certainly been part of pushing boundaries in precision agriculture.

More than 35 years ago they began working with remote monitoring and control– back when PCs were a new item.  They’ve been uploading sensor information to the internet, an idea now known as Internet of Things or IOT since 2001, before it was even called that.  While your thermostat or refrigerator is talking to the cloud, Pearson’s company is connecting pumps, tanks, and monitors in the same way.

Their interest in pushing boundaries shows through in their excitement to be part of John Deere’s open API in the Operations Center.

“For the grower, one dashboard that they can see for running their business, because this Internet of Things, as everybody has heard, is kind of growing and mushrooming and everything is getting connected,” Pearson told Chuck Zimmerman.  “Farmers don’t want to have to log in to 50 different places to see what it happening, so opening that platform up so that we can contribute to it, so they can see everything in their Operation Center is what we’re very excited about.”

Diesel levels low in your equipment?  New Boundary Technologies can provide information through a company like A Tech to alert you to the problem.  HotShot uses New Boundary software to let you see the status of an irrigation system from your phone, and turn it on or off where ever you and your gadgets are.

Intrigued?  Learn more in Chuck’s full interview here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Kim Pearson, New Boundary Technologies”]

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