John Deere Encourages ADAPT Toolkit

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One of the focuses of last week’s Develop with Deere conference in Kansas City was AgGateway‘s new ADAPT Toolkit.  John Deere was a leader in creating the ADAPT program, and they’re making sure the software developers at the conference have the information they need to put it to use.

Chip Donahue told Chuck Zimmerman that Deere has developed their own plug-in for the system and has tested it in the U.S. and Europe.  It’s working fine and now they’re moving ahead with plans to make sure the toolkit is implemented.  The team at AgGateway has hired an evangelist to work with the software companies and provide support for the process.  The overall goal, Donahue said, was for all ag systems to work together seamlessly, regardless of the equipment or the software.  He’s says they’re at a strong point now, where the system is ready for delivery, but they aren’t resting on their laurels.

“We’ve got work to do,” Donahue says.  “We did get to this point, but now we’ve got to move forward because it’s been a bunch of point sources and now people want integrated systems and that’s what our vision is and we’re helping deliver that.”

Develop with Deere is helping shape that vision with the connections and learning experiences offered.  Another year or two and who knows what we’ll be seeing as a result?

Learn more about John Deere’s role in ADAPT in Chuck’s interview with Donahue: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Chip Donahue, John Deere”]

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