AgriFlyNetwork Launches “Uber for Farmers” App

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In an industry with as much innovation as agriculture it’s a wonder when anything surprises, but AgriFlyNetwork has launched a rather unique idea. Their new app allows growers, retailers and crop experts to quickly and easily connect with ariel applicators through a platform they liken to ‘Uber for farmers.’ An assignment can be ‘pinned’ on a map, giving details of … Read More

New Agrible Pocket Spray Smart App

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Agrible has a new iOS app to help farmers decide when to spray their fields. Pocket Spray Smart is a free app that works with Agrible’s Morning Farm Report software that helps plan applications, when to get equipment into the fields, and what to expect for yields. Agrible’s Spray Smart technology in Morning Farm Report shows a farmer what the conditions look … Read More

Deere Launches Connect Mobile App at #NFMS17

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If you’re familiar with John Deere‘s Seed Star Mobile app, get ready– the next big thing is here! Amy Pousson-Noonan was at the National Farm Machinery Show to launch the Connect Mobile app; a family of apps that helps monitor and learn from the performance of their planter or sprayer while its in the field. Connect Mobile replaces Seed Star … Read More

Smartphone App Balances Conservation and Production

Kelly MarshallApps, Conservation, Soil, USDA

The LandPKS suite of mobile apps provides specific information about soils to anyone with a smartphone, says USDA soil scientist Jeff Herrick. LandPKS, (Land-Potential Knowledge System) is made up of the LandInfo and LandCover modules, including cloud computing, digital soil-mapping data, and the Global Positioning System (GPS) to give information about the sustainable potential and future climate of a piece … Read More

John Deere Operations Center Adds New Functions

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The John Deere Operations Center is getting an upgrade.  A new software release for the cloud-based platform will offer more user-friendly tools and features, allowing growers to collect and access their farm information and collaborate with their advisors more easily than ever. At the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk last week, Jake Flanders with John Deere Intelligent Solutions … Read More

John Deere Kicks off 2016 Developers Conference

Chuck ZimmermanAgribusiness, Apps, John Deere

John Deere is holding its annual Develop with Deere conference in Kansas City this year with almost double the number of attendees of last year. Many more dealers have come to learn what the company has planned for the future. The conference includes presentations from thirty three application development companies who are working with John Deere in various ways to … Read More

#MyJohnDeere Grows with 3rd Party Developers

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The Operations Center of has become increasingly beneficial to customers with the growth in third party application developers who have integrated their software via APIs. This allows for more seamless connectivity of data into the Operations Center that can be shared out to other platforms and software. Many of these companies have attended the annual John Deere Developers Conference … Read More

.@Iteris_ClearAg Launches Next Gen WeatherPlot

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Iteris has launched its next generation of WeatherPlot, a precision weather and soil analytics mobile app developed for seed and crop protection companies. The mobile app, designed for use in the field, provides the user with key environmental information. WeatherPlot is available in English and Spanish and can be used on iOS devices, Android devices and mobile web browsers. Built … Read More

SOYL Releases New Field Scouting App

Joanna SchroederAgribusiness, Apps, Planting, Scouting

UK-based SOYL has released a new field scouting app iSOYscout, designed to make recording, monitoring and review of in-field problems and variation easier for growers. The free Apple-placform app enables growers to log features and problems in their fields, while they are in the fields, with no need for a cellular or wifi connection. However, SOYL says a 50GBP in-app … Read More

Iteris Introduces ClearAg Insights Mobile App

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Apps, Iteris, Scouting

Iteris, Inc. is now offering crop scouting help at your fingertips with their new ClearAg Insights mobile app.  This tool provides users with site-specific diagnostics, determination of recommended actions, and post-even analysis.  The app can help in the decision-making process by identifying optimal windows for planting, irrigation, fertilization, pest and weed control and harvest based on economics, weather, soil and … Read More