Deere Launches Connect Mobile App at #NFMS17

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If you’re familiar with John Deere‘s Seed Star Mobile app, get ready– the next big thing is here! Amy Pousson-Noonan was at the National Farm Machinery Show to launch the Connect Mobile app; a family of apps that helps monitor and learn from the performance of their planter or sprayer while its in the field.

Connect Mobile replaces Seed Star Mobile, Amy says but when you download the new app it will include old data from the Seed Star program, so you’ll still be able to see information from the past. Connect Mobile is upgrading the old system with row-by-row data, simulations, populations information, easily adjusted legends, and field review for scouting, but it also has room for options being planned for the future. It will also include other operations, like harvesting, to offer even better decision-making information.

“It’s available now in the Apple app store; you can download Connect Mobile and sync that up with any Connect Mobile machine to give you in-the-field, real-time, job quality information to make sure you’re doing the best job that you can with the short time windows that you have,” Amy told Chuck.

The new app requires a subscription that can be obtained on John Deere’s website, but it’s being offered for free in 2017.

To hear more about the new family of apps, listen to Amy here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Amy Pousson-Noonan, John Deere”]

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