Sentera and Deere Bring Drone Data To The Field

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The industry is increasingly looking to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) as tools for precision crop management solutions, and thanks to the UAV software developers at Sentera, producers can send their drone data directly into the field through the ability to integrate their UAV imagery with John Deere Operation Center. Kris Poulson, VP of Agriculture for Sentera, sat down with Chuck … Read More

Satshot Grows Precision Adoption at Develop with Deere

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The most exciting thing about precision agriculture, says Satshot President Lanny Faleide, is seeing farmers adopt it. That was Faleide’s goal in attending the Develop with Deere conference in Kansas City last week. For a smaller company like Satshot, coming on board with John Deere’s Operations Center is like being able to make an app for Apple, he says. They can … Read More

PrecisionHawk and Deere, Moving Forward

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PrecisionHawk attended last year’s Develop with Deere conference and already, Business Developer Nat Hyde says, they see major changes. PrecisionHawk is an ariel imaging company with a software platform called DataMapper. Last year they attended the boot camp to get started using Deere’s API.  Now, 12 months later, all of their DataMapper files can be downloaded to the Operations Center … Read More

IntelinAir Connects to John Deere Operations Center

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Farmers find value in the integration of platforms, which is why IntelinAir‘s Ag-MRI Intelligence System has connected with the John Deere Operation Center.  Using John Deere’s API services the Ag-MRI’s aerial imagery analytics can now be used  with operational and in-field data to provide a comprehensive look at a grower’s fields. Ag-MRI offers sophisticated computer vision and machine learning logarithms to … Read More

TerrAvion Expands Aerial Imaging Service to Florida

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First it was row crops, then pasture land.  Now TerrAvion is expanding their aerial imaging services to include the citrus industry of Florida.  Their first flights pass over the sunshine state this week. Florida is the nation’s number 1 producer of oranges and sugarcane.  Its 9.5 million acres of farmland employ 2 million people and agriculture is the number 2 … Read More

Enter Drone Pitchfest Competition

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International Drone Expo (IDE) will hold a Drone Pitchfest Competition sponsored by Singh Ventures. The competition is open to domestic and international entrepreneur applicants who are seeking the opportunity to present their ideas and business concepts surrounding the unmanned aerial systems industry. Five winners will be presented with $100,000 worth of application and/or product development and the opportunity to solicit … Read More

Trimble Partners Offer Four New Drones

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Trimble has just announced they have partnered with Delair-Tech and microdrones as their official suppliers for UASs.  On the coattails of that announcement come four proven mapping solutions, or mdMapper, including the md4-1000 in yellow (pictured right) to commemorate the new partnership. mdMapper200: Compact but robust, the md4-200 aircraft at the heart of this solution is lightweight and easy to transport … Read More

TerrAvion Partners with PastureMap

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TerrAvion has been providing aerial imagery for field crops to improve yield; now they’re announcing a new partnership with PastureMap to provide similar services for ranchers.  PastureMaps offers an intuitive grazing management platform, helping producers save time, streamline record keeping and measure what matters.  The collaboration between the two companies will offer up-to-date and high resolution imagery in the grazing … Read More

EFC Systems Integrates with Mavrx

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EFC Systems, Inc. has announced its FieldAlytics product will now integrate with Mavrx Inc.‘s ariel imagery service.  This partnership means users can schedule imagery capture scenes on a field set up in FieldAlytics and expect a seamless flow of data ready for immediate use, giving growers access to real-time decision making information on every inch of their field. “We wanted to … Read More

TerrAvion Launches New Rangeland Imaging Solution

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TerrAvion has announced their first aerial imaging solution for ranchers.  Their new service includes images and data that help spot early-warning signs for invasive species, plant/vegetation health issues, irrigation problems, and overgrazing.  With weekly, low-altitude flights, producers can spot emerging problems before they become big ones. The subscription includes detailed, up-to-date satellite imagery and images uploaded to the cloud within … Read More