TerrAvion Launches New Rangeland Imaging Solution

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, Data

TerrAvionTerrAvion has announced their first aerial imaging solution for ranchers.  Their new service includes images and data that help spot early-warning signs for invasive species, plant/vegetation health issues, irrigation problems, and overgrazing.  With weekly, low-altitude flights, producers can spot emerging problems before they become big ones.

The subscription includes detailed, up-to-date satellite imagery and images uploaded to the cloud within hours.  Images can range from aerial photographs, NDVI images, thermal images custom color maps and histograms.

TomKat Ranch, an 1,800-acre cattle ranch in Pescadero, CA, is among the first to use the service. “TerrAvion’s imagery has made each of our team members more efficient and effective at their job. At a glance, the data give our team valuable insights into what’s happening across the entire ranch right now and can also be easily focused on a given area to see how fields are performing before and after they are grazed,” said Kevin Watt, Integrated Land & Livestock Manager at TomKat Ranch. “TerrAvion’s affordable and accurate imagery has also helped our team identify and address issues so much faster than before. It’s saving us a lot of time, and we expect it will save us a lot of money as well by helping us grow the health and productivity of our land and herds.”

Cofounder and CEO of TerrAvion, Robert Morris, said the new program comes at the request of their customers. “We’ve had great success helping growers improve crop yield through aerial imagery and data, and were approached by ranchers wanting something similar for rangeland,” said Morris. “Plant quality has a huge impact on the health and yield of cattle – an early warning system like TerrAvion can provide tremendous competitive advantage for ranchers.”