TerrAvion Partners with PastureMap

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Agribusiness

TerrAvionTerrAvion has been providing aerial imagery for field crops to improve yield; now they’re announcing a new partnership with PastureMap to provide similar services for ranchers.  PastureMaps offers an intuitive grazing management platform, helping producers save time, streamline record keeping and measure what matters.  The collaboration between the two companies will offer up-to-date and high resolution imagery in the grazing management platform.

Combined with TerrAvion’s imagery, ranchers can better measure the effects of their management decisions, whether it is to track the spread of invasive weeds, monitor irrigation efficiency, differentiate between bare and covered ground, and measure pre- and post- grazing activity – right from their desk or in the field.

In addition to forage and livestock tracking applications, public lands managers have used PastureMap and TerrAvion to measure how ecosystems change over time.

Jared Lewis of the Solano Land Trust and SF Bay NERR said, “the TerrAvion and PastureMap platforms have allowed us to scale our rangeland and ecological monitoring programs to cover several thousand acres of regional open space and agricultural land. More importantly, we are able to track environmental change and management actions with greater precision and accuracy.”

pasturemapIn addition to simplifying record keeping, the team also hopes to create a collaborative environment for creating new innovations.  Records and images can be shared with NRCS and other industry exports, allowing a community to share ideas and enhance communication.

“TerrAvion imagery enables greater yields, greater sustainability, and more profit for growers,” explains Robert Morris, founder and CEO of TerrAvion.  “When we started talking with the PastureMap team, it was clear that by partnering we could deliver complementary technology to the ranching community. PastureMap’s passion for bringing efficient grazing systems within reach of all animal husbandry is 100 percent in line with TerrAvion’s mission, and we are proud to be a partner.”

Christine Su, founder and CEO of PastureMap, said, “We’re excited about TerrAvion’s capability to bring very high resolution, current imagery to our ranchers. For serious graziers who are monitoring the effects of their management throughout the season, having up-to-date overhead imagery of your pastures is a big value-add. The ability to track what you do on PastureMap, and then monitor the effects of your management with TerrAvion’s imagery, is a powerful combination that just makes sense.”