Monitor Seeding Details On Every Planter Row

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Farmers know that planter skips and doubles are costly, especially given current grain prices. Fortunately some of today’s monitors can really help pinpoint when a specific row unit causes an error—and that information can lead to quicker and more efficient troubleshooting and repairs. I spoke with Will Cannon today, SeedCommand product specialist with Ag Leader Technology, to learn about how … Read More

Will Precision Technologies Lead To Eco-Foods

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It’s one thing for growers or livestock producers and processors to work together, or vertically integrate. But what can happen when the World Wildlife Fund, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Cargill, Intervet/Schering-Plough and beef producer groups get together? A recent story in the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) discusses the issue and the possible eco-food results. It is a subtle, yet vital, shift in … Read More

Precision Potato Farming Aims at Sustainability

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Precision agriculture is playing a much larger role in helping potato growers become more sustainable, according to a recent story in Spudman. Bruce Crapo, a grower of 6,000 acres of commercial potatoes and 2,000 acres of seed potatoes in Idaho, is a good example of how the average potato farmer looks at precision agriculture – he uses technology to reduce … Read More

Precision Technology Helps Conserve Irrigation Water

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At the recent Holdrege Water Conference in Nebraska, several speakers talked about how precision technology is not only conserving water but saving growers money as well, according to this Nebraska TV report. It really is a big money-saver,” said UNL Extension Educator Chuck Burr. “Several years ago, we had some irrigators figure out how much it costs them to make … Read More

Precision Tracking Vehicles In The Field

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Learn more about how AGCO’s AgCommand telemetry product can help you track, monitor and management all machinery in the field. Watch this video posted recently by Farm Industry News. Steve Tupa of AGCO talks about an advanced version of AGCO’s recently introduced telemetry product called AgCommand. This product provides 25 different messages from fuel use to engine load which can be … Read More

Precision Farming Technology Takes On Nematodes

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Effective control of Southern root knot nematode looks promising with the use of GPS-controlled, variable-rate applications of soil fumigants, according to University of Arizona researchers, as reported by Western Farm Press. Field trials conducted from 2006 to 2010 tabulated information gathered by global positioning systems and variable rate technology, including the electrical conductivity-based Veris 3100 and EM38 sensors for on-the-go … Read More

Precision Gene Technology Stops Cotton Pests

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Clemson University entomologists created a nice visual demo field that shows the value of Bt cotton compared to non-Bt. The furry-looking insects start their development smaller than the head of a pin, but the caterpillars soon develop an appetite for cotton as big as the crop. To demonstrate the insects’ destructive power, Clemson University entomologist Jeremy Greene planted two cotton … Read More

ParaDyme Auto Steer System Adds GLONASS Signal

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If tree lines or other obstacles sometimes cause dropped signals, you may benefit from the Russian global navigation satellite system (GLONASS) that Ag Leader’s ParaDyme automated steering system will now support. “The main advantage GLONASS capability will offer ParaDyme users is longer run-time without losing signal due to coverage interruptions or low GPS satellite availability,” says GPS and Guidance Product … Read More

Wheat Growers Gain Nitrogen Sensor Technology

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For wheat growers who normally top-dress nitrogen, the use of crop sensors could boost yields and reduce over or under application. Today, Ag Leader Technology, Inc., a leader in the development of precision farming solutions, announced the release of the North American Wheat algorithm for OptRx, a crop sensor used for mapping, data collection and real-time variable rate nitrogen application. … Read More

Precision Farming Hardware Training Builds Happy Customers

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During the hundreds of interviews I’ve conducted with farmers over the years for stories on precision farming tools, I’d have to say that every one of them has touched on the value of their local dealer. Without their set up, training and troubleshooting expertise, adoption of this technology would not be where it is today. To that end, I spoke … Read More