Ayrstone Helps Bring ‘Revolution’ to Ag Data Management

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There’s a revolution coming in agriculture, and it has to do with technology and how data is managed. “There’s just a lot more devices today that talk on a network and more coming all the time,” Bill Moffitt with Ayrstone told Chuck during the recent InfoAg Conference. His company offers producers long-range wi-fi networks that can cover up to 100 … Read More

John Deere’s Ops Center Puts Data in One Place

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Lots of farmers have tons of information, but the real key is how to organize all that data into something that helps their bottom line. At the recent InfoAg Conference, Chuck talked with John Deere’s Tyler Hogrefe about how the John Deere Operations Center helps consolidate the information where producers can make the most of it. “We realized that we … Read More

AgGateway – How SPADE Digs into Interoperability

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When it comes to really digging into the ground, you need a good spade. If you’re digging into interoperability, you need AgGateway’s SPADE – Standardized Precision Ag Data Exchange Project. This summer marks the third year and the third phase for SPADE, building on seeding and harvest operations of the first two phases to bring field operations data interoperability into … Read More

John Deere Offers Multiple Ways to Connect

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These days, the most valuable thing on farms might not be the crops, but the data about those crops. During the recent InfoAg Conference, Chuck caught up with Scott Brotherton with John Deere, who said it all starts with getting data into the John Deere Operations Center to help producers make better decisions. “It could be as easy as a … Read More

Crop Report Shows Most Corn Silking & in Great Shape

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The latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) crop report shows that almost all of the nation’s corn is in the silk stage, and most of it is in pretty good shape. The National Corn Growers Association says 96 percent of corn acres having achieved the silking stage as of August 9 and 51 percent of corn acres is in the … Read More

NCGA: Pesticide Bill Underscores Need for WOTUS Change

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Passage by a committee of a Senate bill to ease some pesticide permit restrictions underscores the need for making some changes to the government’s Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule. The National Corn Growers Association is calling on Congress to pass legislation to withdraw the controversial WOTUS rule. “This bill will cut some regulatory red tape out of the pesticide … Read More

DuPont Opens Integrated Seed Science Center in Iowa

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DuPont has officially opened its new Integrated Seed Science Center in Iowa. This news release says it is the second facility in the DuPont Integrated Seed Science Network that is dedicated to developing and testing seed treatment formulations, applications and seed handling techniques. “The Johnston Integrated Seed Science Center ultimately helps us make our seed treatment products perform better for … Read More

Obvius Fungicide Seed Treatment Gets EPA Registration

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BASF’s Obvius fungicide seed treatment has received full registration from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This news release from the company says fungicide can be used on pulse, podded vegetables and canola. State registrations are forthcoming. “This is the newest tool from BASF to help growers get their season off on the right foot,” said Justin Clark, Technical Marketing Specialist, … Read More

USDA Gathering Conservation Data

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture is gathering information on conservation practices. This news release from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) says the agency is talking to farmers and ranchers through this month. During the first phase of the National Resources Inventory (NRI) – Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP), NASS will contact approximately 24,000 farmers and ranchers nationwide to determine … Read More

Senate Committee Stops EPA Pesticide Rule

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A U.S. Senate committee has stopped what many see as an overreach by the federal government on pesticide use. The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works today passed S. 1500, the Sensible Environmental Protection Act of 2015, a bipartisan measure that amends the Clean Water Act and the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) to clarify Congressional intent … Read More