AgGateway – How SPADE Digs into Interoperability

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infoag-15-aggatewayWhen it comes to really digging into the ground, you need a good spade. If you’re digging into interoperability, you need AgGateway’s SPADE – Standardized Precision Ag Data Exchange Project. This summer marks the third year and the third phase for SPADE, building on seeding and harvest operations of the first two phases to bring field operations data interoperability into this third phase.

“We hope to make interoperability between farm management systems more effective and seamless,” Jim Wilson with AgGateway told Chuck during an interview at the recent InfoAg Conference. He said of all the great accomplishments they’ve had with all the phases of SPADE, this latest step to bring competitors together for the good of everyone is probably the most significant. “At the end of the day, everyone recognizes that a rising tide lifts all boats. We all need to agree on fundamental standards and guidelines so everyone is competing in a way that drives value for farmers.”

A spinoff of SPADE is the ADAPT committee, focused on reducing the costs of integrating precision ag data formats from various equipment manufacturers into various business systems. Jim said they wanted to do this in an open source software framework so anyone could make use of the knowledge gained, as well as contributing to the collaboration, whether they are an AgGateway member or not.

Listen to all of Chuck’s interview with Jim here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jim Wilson, AgGateway”]

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