Ayrstone Helps Bring ‘Revolution’ to Ag Data Management

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infoag-15-ayrestoneThere’s a revolution coming in agriculture, and it has to do with technology and how data is managed.

“There’s just a lot more devices today that talk on a network and more coming all the time,” Bill Moffitt with Ayrstone told Chuck during the recent InfoAg Conference. His company offers producers long-range wi-fi networks that can cover up to 100 thousand acres! “All those devices generate data, and what we do is move data from where it’s generated to where it needs to be used.”

Bill added that all those devices come with their own bills for network charges. A wi-fi system from Ayrstone can eliminate those bills while giving the producers the connectivity they truly need. For the future, he said data will continue to be increasingly important on the farm. The key is keeping data integrity during all the transfers.

Bill said he likes coming to InfoAg because of the people who attend bring a lot of great ideas to discuss.

“[We see] a really good back and forth with people who know what they’re doing, use our products, use competing products and give me really solid feedback. That alone is worth the price of admission,” he said.

Listen to all of Chuck’s interview with Bill here: [wpaudio url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/zimmcomm/ayrstone-bill-moffitt.mp3″ text=”Interview with Bill Moffitt with Ayrstone”]

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