John Deere’s Ops Center Puts Data in One Place

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infoag-15-jd-tylerLots of farmers have tons of information, but the real key is how to organize all that data into something that helps their bottom line. At the recent InfoAg Conference, Chuck talked with John Deere’s Tyler Hogrefe about how the John Deere Operations Center helps consolidate the information where producers can make the most of it.

“We realized that we needed to pull all that information together into one place where growers could start to benefit from the information and working with that information to get more insight from it,” he said. “The Operations Center is that place where you can interact with all your information seamlessly and even share it.”

Tyler said one of the best features of the center is growers can filter down to what they really are interested in. Users have provided some pretty positive feedback so far. In addition, since every grower has different needs, John Deere dealers are prepared to educate their customers to get the Operations Center to do what producers need it to do. He concluded it all starts with a trip to your local dealer.

“We’ve got a lot of venues [to learn about our products], but that John Deere dealer is going to be the best educated one to really point you in the right direction,” he said.

Listen to all of Chuck’s interview with Tyler here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Tyler Hogrefe, John Deere”]

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Coverage of the InfoAg Conference is sponsored by John Deere   Coverage of the InfoAg Conference is sponsored by Growmark