Australian Precision Farming Legacy Retires

Laura McNamara

The North Queenland RegisterAccording to the North Queensland Register, Australia considered him one of the country’s “foremost pioneers of automatic GPS guidance technology with farming.” Now Alan Fetherstonhaugh has retired. But, farmers in Australia won’t forget the innovation he ushered in “down under.”

Alan Fetherstonhaugh spent a decade working with farmers, innovators and the National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture at the University of Southern Qld, resulting in significant new applications for GPS to aid the rural sector.

A founding director of AgGuide, its RowGuide, RigGuide and RotaGuide products brought him recognition via the AgShow/Qld Country Life Farm Inventor of the Year award, as well as awards from other industry shows.

His legacy is that of bringing considerable improvements to precision farming techniques across the row-crop, broadacre, sugar cane and specialist vegetable sectors, as well as enhanced efficiency, cost-reduction, fatigue-management, controlled-traffic and erosion-mitigation.

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Precision Technology Essential to Mango Production in India

Laura McNamara

The Hindu News Update ServiceIndia is reaping high yields in mangoes this year. The Hindu News Update Service reports that precision farming applications had a lot to do with India’s successful mango crop.

Latest technology was essential to increase the yield and meet the growing demand.

Post-harvest technology and precision farming techniques would scale down post-harvest loss. Proper grading, good quality and uniform colour and size alone would fetch better price to the produce.

To achieve that, mango growers needed latest technologies and innovative farming methods. Scientists must take their innovations from the laboratory to the field to help farmers increase the yield and reduce production costs, Mr. Meena said.

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2007 Farm & Gin Show to Capitilize on Technology

Laura McNamara

The Delta Farm PressThe farming industry is constantly changing and the 2007 Farm & Gin Show wants to give farmers the tools and education to keep up with those changes. The Delta Farm Press reports that this year’s show will feature one of the most innovative tools in farming today, precision application.

Technology’s impact on farming will be even more evident at this year’s show, as agriculture moves rapidly toward development of systems that save time and labor, such as the new cotton harvesters with on-board module builders, and widespread adaptation of global positioning system (GPS) technology that allows precision application of inputs, auto-steering, and other advancements.

More than 400 exhibitors, from almost every state and several worldwide locations, will be participating in this year’s show, which is co-sponsored by Delta Farm Press.

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‘Cover Your Acres’ with Precision

Laura McNamara

The Cattle NetworkThe “Cover Your Acres Winter Conference” is slated for January 22-23 in Oberlin, Kan. Of course, precision technology will be a hot topic at the conference. The Cattle Network reports that farmers and growers attending the conference will be able to learn how to take advantage of the latest innovations in precision farming.

Farmers and ranchers interested in the latest technology, methods and conservation practices to improve crop production on the High Plains can learn about those topics and more at the 2008 “Cover Your Acres Winter Conference” Jan. 22-23 in Oberlin, Kan.

The conference, which will begin with registration from 7:45-8:15 a.m., will be held at the Gateway Civic Center. It is sponsored by Kansas State University and the Northwest Kansas Crop Residue Alliance.

University and industry speakers will give presentations on an array of topics over the two-day conference including: New Corn Seed Traits for No-Till; Improving Your Success in No-Till; N Recommendations for Wheat; Outlook for Sorghum, Bioenergy, Food & Export; Grain Marketing & Revenue Protection; No-till Wheat 101; P Placement and Rate in No-till and Strip-Till; Benefits of Chloride on wheat and row crops; and What Precision Ag Can do For You.

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Precision Agriculture in the News

Chuck Zimmerman

Precision agriculture is finding an application in a segment of agriculture that most people wouldn’t necessarily think of – the California wine industry. Precision ag is mentioned in this story in the San Marcos Record as contributing to the success of a high profile vineyard.

Sterling believes Iron Horse is making some of their best wines ever, thanks to a quality revolution that began in the vineyards. Using primarily estate-grown grapes, Iron Horse has engaged in what she calls “precision farming.” It’s using the best farming techniques — organic or otherwise — that apply to a specific vineyard.

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Mississippi and Louisiana Too

Laura McNamara

The Delta Farm PressRight about the same time farmers in the Magnolia State are having roundtable discussions on precision ag, cotton producers in Louisana will also be tacking some precision farming tactics during the annual Cotton Forum being held Jan. 23, at the Delhi Civic Center beginning at 9 a.m.

Topics will include wheat/cotton double-cropping considerations and cotton varieties for 2008. Other presentations will feature cotton seed treatments, crop nutrient removal, an insect update, precision application for nematodes and reducing incidence of weed resistance.

The forums will feature LSU AgCenter experts and have been approved as private applicator recertification meetings by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

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Mississippi Tackles Precision Ag

Laura McNamara

The Delta Farm PressPrecision Ag is a constant buzz word among farming circles and the ag community in Tunica, Mississippi is making sure to stay on top of the latest innovation. The Delta Farm Press reports precision farming will be a key topic at the 11th annual National Conservation Systems Cotton & Rice Conference being held at the Grand Casino Resort Convention Center from Jan. 21-22.

“Along with our 91-topic breakout sessions, with experts leading discussions on a specific topic, will be our more-focused roundtable discussions,” says John LaRose, chairman of the conference steering committee. “Experts will facilitate discussions on these focused topics.

“This format will allow anyone in the audience to bring an issue on the particular topic to the floor for discussion by other producers and the expert.

“This can be of great benefit to producers who have problems and are searching for answers.” LaRose says.

The roundtable discussions will center on nine different topics, including:

• Ground and aerial application strategies for herbicide drift management

• Precision agriculture

• Precision land-forming for no-till

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Students Learn Precision

Laura McNamara

Agri NewsStudents at Iowa State University are getting cutting edge farming equipment from Ag Leader Technology. Agri News, a news company serving Minnesota and Northern Iowa, reports that Ag Leader Technology had donated products from its newest line of precision ag equipment to the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at ISU.

The donation starts a new laboratory at ISU, complete with hardware and software.

Students taking classes on precision farming will now be able to use the lab to gain knowledge and understanding of the equipment in a real-world situation. By using the hardware and software together, students will be able to simulate a working farm and collection of valuable information using geopatial technology.

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A Wiki Definition of Precision Farming

Chuck Zimmerman

WikipediaThe online encyclopedia called Wikipedia defines precision farming this way.

Precision farming or precision agriculture is an agricultural concept relying on the existence of in-field variability. It’s about doing the right thing, in the right place, in the right way, at the right time. It requires the use of new technologies, such as global positioning (GPS), sensors, satellites or aerial images, and information management tools (GIS) to assess and understand variations. Collected information may be used to more precisely evaluate optimum sowing density, estimate fertilizers and other inputs needs, and to more accurately predict crop yields. It seeks to avoid applying inflexible practices to a crop, regardless of local soil/climate conditions, and may help to better assess local situations of disease or lodging.

Wikipedia is an open source kind of information resource which lets you edit entries. See if you have something to add.