OSU Precision Ag at Western Farm Show

Chuck ZimmermanEducation, Western Farm Show

Another week, another farm show. This week I’m attending the Western Farm Show.

My first interview is with fellow exhibitor Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. I spoke with Steve Doede, Division Chair and Carlos Augusto, Faculty, Precision Ag Technology.

Here at the show they’re enticing students to attend their programs in precision ag and technician training. They’re offering in-state college tuition rates even for out of state students! That’s a big savings. This is being done in conjunction with the Southwestern Association Technician Program. If you’d like to take part then give them a call or stop by their booth here at the show for a tuition waiver note!

Carlos gave me a broad overview of their precision ag program starting with the Kubota utility vehicle in their booth that has been equipped with a sprayer and Trimble and Norac equipment. He says they have developed a curriculum that prepares students of all ages to move into the field prepared to work with any precision equipment. They’ve developed close relationships with all manufacturers and host them in each year to help guide them in terms of class offering.

You can listen to my interview with Steve and Carlos here: [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/wfs/wfs-11-osu-tech.mp3″ text=”OSU Institute of Technology Interview”]