Insight FS Launches New Website

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Insight FS launched the new website this week to better communicate its products, services and customer connection capabilities.

“We have a broad base of customers, from homeowners looking for home heating solutions to farmers looking for seed, feed and energy,” said Insight FS Marketing Specialist, Angie Greving. “We built a site that could address the needs of each of our audiences and get them to the right contacts for better customer experience.”

The new website utilizes contact forms within each of its divisions to better address the unique needs of customers in agronomy, precision farming, grain marketing, agri-finance, animal nutrition, turf, propane and fuels and lubricants. The site also clearly shows the scope of products and services that are offered at the 22 Insight FS locations throughout Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Insight FS, part of the GROWMARK system, is headquartered in Jefferson, Wis., serving customers in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Nature Conservancy Backs Farm Bill Conservation Programs

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As House and Senate Agriculture leaders keep working toward passing a farm bill yet this year, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is urging Congress to approve legislation that will continue to provide farmers and ranchers with the tools to conserve our nation’s land and water resources.

“The farm bill is the most important legislation for conserving private lands in America,” said Larry Clemens, TNC agriculture director for North America. He adds that voluntary conservation programs in the bill promote healthier soil, cleaner water, enhanced wildlife habitat, increased flood control, and lowered risk of damage from natural disasters.

TNC notes that all of those benefits are now at risk since Congress allowed the current farm bill to expire on September 30 without passing a new one, so they are urging all people involved in agriculture to contact their lawmakers, “and focus on getting Congress to pass us a good, solid farm bill that will give us some stability for the next five years,” Clemens said.

Soil health is of particular interest to the Conservancy, which provides technical support to the Soil Health Partnership, which fosters transformation in agriculture through improved soil health, benefiting farmer profitability, a stable food supply, and the environment.

Listen to an interview with Clemens here: Interview with Larry Clemens, The Nature Conservancy

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Agronomic Trials Help BASF Match Varieties to Farmers

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>BASF has a cottonseed variety lineup that offers growers a range of varieties to fit their fields and farming management practices, and they also have an agronomic performance trials program to help farmers find the best one for their farm.

Cody Mull, BASF Agronomy Information Specialist, says the program helps them evaluate data from different growing regions and conditions all over the country. “What we can learn from these trials is how to grow a certain variety in a certain region,” said Mull. “We can actually nail down a little closer to the farmer what varieties he needs to be planting and we can make those recommendations knowing that we stand on good ground that what we say is true.”

Mull talked about the performance trials during a recent field day at the BASF Cotton Breeding Station in Lubbock, Texas. – Interview with Cody Mull, Agronomy Information Specialist

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New Deere Forage Harvesters are More Efficient

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Whether you are a beef or dairy producer, or a custom harvester, there is a new John Deere 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvester (SPFH) for you.

Chris Borgman, Deere Product Marketing Manager for Commercial Hay and Forage Products, introduced the new models at the World Dairy Expo earlier this month in Madison, Wisconsin. “What it all boils down to is quality of feed, capacity and efficiency, that is what the 9000 series is,” said Borgman.

The four models, all with final Tier 4-compliant engines include:

9600 616 hp (460 kw) (625 ps) John Deere 6 cyl. 13.5L PowerTech Engine

9700 759 hp (566 kw) (770 ps) Liebherr V12 24L Engine

9800 858 hp (640 kw) (870 ps) Liebherr V12 24L Engine

9900 957 hp (713 kw) (970 ps) Liebherr V12 24L Engine

“That’s a lot of horsepower that we are pushing through this,” Borgman said. “We are emissions compliant but we’re now much more efficient as well.” The improved performance and capabilities of the 9000 Series enable producers and custom harvesters to obtain the highest possible return on investment under narrow harvesting windows where high-capacity and high-quality feed are the goal.

Learn more from Borgman by listening to his presentation and interview here –
Presentation by Chris Borgman, John Deere

Interview with Chris Borgman, John Deere

John Deere at 2018 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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New Deere Forage Harvesters Help Maintain Quality

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The all-new 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters can provide producers with both high-capacity harvesting and high quality forage, according to Tim Meister, division manager for marketing at John Deere, who spoke to producers at World Dairy Expo last week.

“Ultimately, high-quality feed helps livestock producers improve their feeding efficiency, animal health and productivity, while reducing their feeding costs,” said Meister. “The 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters produce superior silage quality that lay the foundation for a healthy and productive herd, which produces high milk or beef yields at low input costs.”

Compared to its predecessor, the 9000 Series is 10 percent more productive per horsepower and offers a 10 percent improvement in kernel processing. Up front, a new 772 12-Row, Big Drum Corn Header consumes up to 7 tons of forage per minute. When paired with the new XStream™ kernel processor, customers achieve optimal corn silage processing, regardless of length of cut. Fuel consumption has also been improved by 10 percent per ton when compared to the 8000 Series, and wear parts on the new machines are built to last three times longer.

Learn more about how Deere’s new forage harvesters help maintain silage quality in Meister’s presentation at WDE18 –
Presentation by Tim Meister, Division Marketing Manager John Deere

John Deere at 2018 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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Precision Ag Bytes 10/10

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  • PivotBio announced their $70 million Series B funding round led by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which will be used to initiate commercial sales of the first-and-only clean alternative to synthetic fertilizer for U.S. corn farmers, recently named Pivot Bio PROVEN™.
  • Wilbur-Ellis Company, LLC has announced that starting November 1, Mark Ripato will take over as its Agribusiness division president.
  • The SCN Coalition reminds soybean farmers and agronomists doing soil fertility sampling and testing this fall that it’s also a great time to pull soil samples for soybean cyst nematode (SCN) testing.
  • GMO Answers, an initiative committed to responding to consumer questions about how their food is grown, released the findings of a new YouGov survey finding that a majority of Americans aren’t confident they definitely know what genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are, and that this lack of knowledge may be driving overall uncertainty and discomfort. However, concern and confusion do not equate to rejection, as the survey finds that nearly the same number of Americans want to learn more about GMOs.
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GROWMARK Youth Programs Support 4-H and FFA

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It’s National Cooperative Month, it’s also National 4-H Week, and it is the month that National FFA holds its huge annual meeting. In celebration of all that, we talked with Karen Jones, GROWMARK Youth and Young Producer Specialist, about how this agricultural cooperative supports the young people involved in 4H and FFA.

“GROWMARK has been a longtime financial supporter of both the FFA and 4H organizations,” said Jones. “We believe that the members of those groups may be our future employees or future co-op members, and definitely future leaders in both arenas.”

One program that GROWMARK has had in place for 26 years now is the annual essay contest for FFA members in states served by the cooperative. “We’re excited because we added Missouri two years ago and we added Ohio this year, so now we are up to five states,” said Jones. The theme for the 2019 contest just announced is “What does the future of agriculture look like to you, and what skills will you need to play a part in it?”

Among the ways GROWMARK supports 4-H is the Pollinator Garden Program. “We provide pollinator seed and some education about the importance of pollinators and the students do a community service project through their club to plant and maintain these plots,” said Jones.

Learn more about GROWMARK’s youth commitment in this interview. Interview with Karen Jones, GROWMARK

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FMC Georgia Field Day Spotlights Lucento for Peanuts

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FMC Agricultural Solutions held a field day at its Sparks, GA research station last week, hosted by the FMC technical service team with a plot tour, presentations and certification training.

In particular, the FMC technical service team showcased new Lucento™ fungicide for the 2019 season, pending EPA approval. The new fungicide, which is expected to be approved by the end of the year, can be used on a variety of crops but since the field day was being held in peanut country, that was a big focus.

“We’ve been known as mainly a Midwest company, for corn and soybean growers,” said FMC Regional Technical Service Manager Bruce Stripling. “Now, we’re focusing on that Southeast grower that has peanuts, especially in a state like Georgia.”

Stripling says Lucento offers peanut growers flexibility. “He’s not going to be tied to one company from the standpoint of what he can spray on his peanuts,” he added. “We’ve got a product that is shining from the standpoint of leaf spot control and soil borne control for Southern white mold.”

Learn more about Lucento for peanut growers here: Bruce Stripling, Regional Technical Service Manager, FMC

2018 FMC Georgia Field Day Photo Album

Lucento fungicide is not registered for sale or use in the United States. No offer for sale, sale or use of this product is permitted prior to issuance of the required EPA and state registrations.

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How BASF Helps Clothing Brands Understand Cotton

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Major clothing brand representatives learn more about cotton from BASF

Clothing brand representatives learned more about how cotton is grown during a recent BASF Cotton Production Field Day in Lubbock, Texas. Part of the program included information about e3™ cotton, an effort to produce economically sustainable cotton that’s good for the environment.

“The idea of the product is that it’s a sustainable cotton and it’s a continual improvement commitment by the farmers that decide to grow it,” said Andrew Olah, CEO of Olah, Inc. “And for the brands that want to get involved with it, they can associate with the farmers in the process that is actually good for the environment.”

Representatives from major clothing brands including Ralph Lauren, Target, Wrangler Jeans and JCPenney had questions for farmers and BASF representatives about the process of cotton production.

“A big problem in the clothing business and in consumer apparel, in general, these days, is disinformation,” said Bob Antoshak, Managing Director at Olah, Inc. “The amount of smoke and spin that’s out there in the trade and in the consumer world is so extensive that events like this help us to show factually what the cotton is all about, how its grown, but more importantly, who is doing the growing. It’s a chance for these buyers to actually meet farmers, and that’s a really critical element of this program.”

The program is just as important to cotton producers, said Malin Westfall, U.S. Cotton Lead for BASF.

“We’re hosting a group of clothing brands, which are far removed from the farmer, because they want to gain a better understanding of what farmers do. How they are raising cotton, what kind of management practices they use, because it’s important to them and their consumers,” said Westfall.

Westfall said defining sustainability is becoming more and more important throughout the production chain. And while that’s a conversation that typically focuses on food, it’s just as important when it comes to fiber.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Andrew and Robert here: Interview with Robert Antoshak and Andrew Olah of Olah, Inc.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Malin here: Interview with Malin Westfall, US Cotton Lead

2018 BASF Cotton Production Field Day Photo Album

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BASF Arkansas Field Day

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BASF held a field day last week in Marion, Arkansas to meet with groups of retailer staff and talk about the what the new BASF portfolio has to offer, particularly for soybeans (Credenz) and cotton (Stoneville). There was limited in-field opportunities for the day due to rain, but there was still a lot to share.

BASF Cottonseed Marketing Manager Rachel Walters says the field days give them an offer to share their story and this year they have even more to discuss with the acquisition of Bayer assets such as Stoneville. “It’s the first time that some customers are coming in and seeing the BASF logo on the tents, the signs and even on the bags,” she said.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Rachel here:
Interview with Rachel Walters, BASF

Lance Rochelle, regional seed lead, talked about some of the new cotton varieties for this year.
Interview with Lance Rochelle, BASF

William Johnson, BASF Agricultural Solutions, gave a presentation on Credenz soybeans at the field day. Listen to that here and watch it below:
Presentation by William Johnson on soybeans, BASF

2018 BASF Field Day – Marion, AR Photo Album

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