Harvesting Information

Cindy Zimmerman

Managing data well on the farm can help growers harvest a wealth of information to help them operate more efficiently. One company that helps growers do that is SST Development Group of Stillwater, Okla. Operations manager Matt Waitts says SST is a software and information services company started in 1994. “We have an extensive record-keeping program for producers to record …

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Precision Soil Sampling

Cindy Zimmerman

Precision soil sampling has come a long way, according to Tom McGraw of Midwest Independent Soil Samplers, pictured here at the recent InfoAg conference with John Deere’s Jeff Kaiser. “Precision sampling isn’t all that new. 1929, Purdue University started grid sampling,” says McGraw. “We’ve done millions of acres of grid sampling by now.” He says that using imagery to detect …

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ZedX Offers Precision Ag Tools

Cindy Zimmerman

ZedX Incorporated was on display at the recent InfoAg conference in Springfield, Il. Marketing Director Mike Santostefano says ZedX is combination of precision agriculture tools and weather products. “In terms of agriculture, we have our AgFleet and HighQ programs,” he says. AgFleet is the in-season, in-field suite of tools, while HighQ is end of the season yield analysis tools. ZedX …

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Precision Citrus Counting

Cindy Zimmerman

Researchers at the University of Florida are developing an electronic system to “see” and count citrus fruit, a concept called machine vision. It could be commercially available by the end of the decade. According to news from UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, the system includes a Global Positioning System receiver and notes the position of each tree with …

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Information is key

Melissa Sandfort

While new precision farming tools such as global positioning system (GPS) and guidance technology have recently gained much attention from growers, it’s the collection, storage and analysis of field data that may have the greatest impact on farming operations. That’s because the availability of accurate information for most businesses, including farming, can lead to better management and input decisions over …

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Reports From Classic

Cindy Zimmerman

The president-elect of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting sent in a couple of interviews he did at Commodity Classic about precision agriculture. Randy Koenen of KTIC/KWPN/Rural Radio Network in West Point, Nebraska interviewed Laura Robson of John Deere AMS about the “Reach for the Stars” program. Randy Interview with Laura (1:30 min mp3) Randy also talked with Kyle Collins …

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Introducing Corn and Wheat OptiGro to the Media

Cindy Zimmerman

There are about 100 agricultural reporters attending the 2007 Commodity Classic this week in Tampa who are busy writing, recording and photographing the events and products to bring back to those who are unable to attend. Many of those reporters were on hand Friday for the introduction of John Deere’s OptiGro System for corn and wheat growers. John Mann, Vice …

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Big Interest in Precision Ag at Classic

Cindy Zimmerman

The vast majority of corn, soybean and wheat farmers attending the 2007 Commodity Classic in Tampa this week are very interested in learning more about how precision agriculture tools can help them produce more efficiently. A brand new first-of-its-kind national survey by the Precision Ag Institute indicates that farmers who have not yet adopted precision agriculture technology overwhelmingly cited start-up …

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Making Risk Management Easier

Cindy Zimmerman

Dennis Daggett, Senior Vice President of John Deere Risk Protection (JDRP) was a busy guy at the Commodity Classic trade show talking to growers about how new reports from Apex Farm Management software can help them capture important crop information and data to simplify the reporting process for crop insurance. “John Deere Risk Protection is a new group to John …

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