ZedX Offers Precision Ag Tools

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Zed XZedX Incorporated was on display at the recent InfoAg conference in Springfield, Il.

Marketing Director Mike Santostefano says ZedX is combination of precision agriculture tools and weather products. “In terms of agriculture, we have our AgFleet and HighQ programs,” he says. AgFleet is the in-season, in-field suite of tools, while HighQ is end of the season yield analysis tools.

ZedX tries to work with as many companies as possible. “We truly believe that one company is not able to provide all the tools necessary for the growers,” said Santostefano. “An example of this is John Deere. They came to us because they needed a platform to allow their clients to order aerial imagery and create application files, and also to create a nitrogen product for corn.”

Santostefano says this has been a great partnership to serve growers better.

Listen to Chuck Zimmerman’s interview with Mike here: Listen to MP3 Santostefano (7:30 min mp3)

From the ZedX website: “Zed,” once used by programmers as shorthand for computer, and “X” for communications or information transfer, represent the core of ZedX’s work: cutting edge software and information serving the needs of users worldwide.