MapShots Focuses on Crop Data Management

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Taylor Map ShotsMapShots is a software development company specializing in crop management applications for agriculture. The company’s flagship product, EASi Suite, is a desktop software application that is a complete crop management software package, providing crop planning, crop recordkeeping and GIS/Precision Ag functionality.

MapShots Director of Corporate Solutions Tim Taylor was at the recent InfoAg conference in Springfield, Illinois to demonstrate their software tools and what they offer to growers and crop consultants. “EASi Suite has a full set of precision ag capabilities,” said Taylor. “From being able to create variable rate prescription files that can be exported to a controller such as the Deere GreenStar 2. In addition, we can take data that’s collected during a field operation and import that data and turn it into a true crop record that would show what products were used, at what rates, what quantities and assign cost information to that. So, they can basically have automated record keeping.”

Taylor says they actually try to avoid using the term “precision ag” and talk instead about crop data management. “We may collect that with a device like the GreenStar 2 which is really becoming more pervasive in equipment today,” Taylor says. “Eventually, we feel that most field operations will be captured through some type of automatic data capture similar to the way the GreenStar 2 controller works.”

Listen to Chuck Zimmerman’s interview with Tim here: Listen to MP3 Map Shots Interview (5:00 min mp3)