2009 Top Stories on Precision.AgWired.com – Products

Kurt Lawton

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In our final installment of looking back at the top stories of 2009, here’s a list of newsworthy stories that featured new or updated products. I list the stories starting with the most current from December, working back to January of 2009. No ranking of importance is included…but feel free to post your comments about these products. …

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2009 Top Stories on Precision.AgWired.com – July to December

Kurt Lawton

Yesterday, I provided my list of the “Best of Precision.AgWired.com 2009” for  January through June. Today’s list of stories runs from July through December. And tomorrow, look for the top product-related stories of the year. I hope you continue to find value in the information provided. And, as always, we appreciate any and all comments from our readers. Enjoy. And …

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Precision Farming 2009: What We Learned

Kurt Lawton

In general, the past year in the world of precision agriculture has been one of consolidation among industry players. “We’ve really streamlined into 4 or 5 major players in precision ag,” says Matt Darr, Iowa State University Ag Engineer. “Rather than a lot of companies that offer a segment of products, we’re getting down to a core set of companies …

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Trimble Expands Variable-Rate Control Capabilities

Kurt Lawton

New Field-IQ from Trimble is a modular system designed to work with its AgGPS FmX integrated display or EZ-Guide 500 lightbar system to help growers precisely control a variety of inputs, saving costs and applying prescription amounts. The Field-IQ system combines input control capabilities into one comprehensive, modular system, including map-based planter row unit shutoff for seed and liquid fertilizer, …

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Can Precision Farming Cure World Hunger?

Kurt Lawton

I hope, as a precision farmer, you’ve added a ‘communicate with consumers’ recurring task to your weekly if not daily chore list. Whether you do it locally or globally, through talking or through social media, you should join the conversation to support your cause. Part of that effort is to monitor what’s said about your noble profession. To that end, …

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Talk Precision Farming With Your Seed Dealer

Kurt Lawton

First off, I order 12 consecutive days of sunshine across the US so we can keep those yield monitors spinning to map data—to help close out a very odd summer and fall. Thinking of brighter days ahead, be sure to make mental/written notes as harvest progresses, because hybrid/variety selection time is upon us. To that end, I talked this week …

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Variable Rate Precision Farming — The Next Big Thing

Kurt Lawton

My friend and former colleague, Farm Industry News senior editor Jodie Wehrspann, pegs variable-rate (VR) technology as the biggest overlooked story in precision agriculture in a recent piece she wrote. I couldn’t agree with her more. I’ve written many stories of progressive farmers who have been using this VR technology for years, and are making it pay, while learning its …

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Precision Farming: How To Grow Your Technology

Kurt Lawton

As an Iowa farm kid who grew up loving technology (I just chose to write about it and let my brother run it on the family farm), one of my passions is talking to farmers about their technology adoption—so I can learn and write stories that help others. And over the past 28 years of covering the incredible advances we’ve …

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Take Command of Planting With SureStop

Chuck Zimmerman

Another Ag Leader Technology helpful representative I met at the Farm Progress Show was Chad Huedepohl. He was showing growers their new SureStop Electric Row Clutch. The product was in limited release a year ago but now they’ve done a full release and Chad says the product has generated a lot of interest. He says the SureStop basically shuts down …

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