Can Precision Farming Cure World Hunger?

Kurt LawtonEducation, Farmers, International, Research, seed, sustainability

I hope, as a precision farmer, you’ve added a ‘communicate with consumers’ recurring task to your weekly if not daily chore list. Whether you do it locally or globally, through talking or through social media, you should join the conversation to support your cause.

Part of that effort is to monitor what’s said about your noble profession. To that end, check out this NY Times op-ed piece “Can Biotech Food Cure World Hunger?” It features a variety of opinions–from economists and activists to nutritionists, university and thinktank folks.

There’s good give and take in these messages, and excellent food for thought. And, if you want to have Google help you track down such stories and send them to your email, it’s real easy to do. Sign up for a Google email account (Gmail) if you don’t have one, then visit Google Alerts and type in numerous words (such as agriculture, farming, farms, GMO, livestock, food, biotech, corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, USDA, etc.) that Google will find in stories, then email those story links to you.